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Uttar Pradesh Opinion Exit poll 2017 Election Results 2017 Party Constituency Wise Live UP Opinion Exit Poll Results ABP News India Today Exit poll Who will win in UP polls CSDS CVoter Opinion/Exit poll Constituency Party Wise 2017, CM Candidate

Uttar Pradesh Election Results 2017 Live Party Constituency Wise Opinion Exit Poll

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017 Summary

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 had been indecisive, Times Now showed BJP at 202, ABP News showed SP+INC at 192 and no clear mandate had been given to a single party. UP Opinion poll Survey result 2017 and Who will win in Uttar Pradesh polls is a tough question to answer looking at the fight between BJP and SP+INC. Other UP Opinion polls in the past by ABP News, Huffpost and CVoter have shown BSP winning. The channels have released Party wise and Constituency wise opinion polls for Uttar Pradesh Election. UP Election Issues this time mainly are law and order, rise in crime apart from other developmental issues.Samajwadi Party And Congress Pre poll Alliance sealed with SP contesting in 298 seats and Congress in 105 seats. After Congress and Samajwadi Party Alliance the Opinion Polls equation has changed. The Week - Hansa Opinion Poll showed BJP at 194, SP at 180 seats. Times Now showed BJP at 202, ABP News shows SP+INC at 192.

Who will be Uttar Pradesh CM?

Yogi adityanand., Rajnath Singh, Manoj Sinha , Keshav Prasad Maurya

Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election Result 2017 Party Wise


UP Assembly Election Results 2017 
Party Won Vote %
BJP 312 39.7%
SP 47 21.8%
INC 7 6.2%
BSP 19 22.2%
Apna Dal (S)
9 1.0%
RLD 1 1.8%
Others 8 -
Total 403 100%

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Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls 2017 

Summary of all Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls

Uttar Pradesh Chanakya Exit Poll - BJP - 285

Uttar Pradesh ABP News Exit Poll - BJP-170

Uttar Pradesh India TV Exit Poll - BJP-

Uttar Pradesh India Today Axis Exit Poll - BJP-265

Uttar Pradesh Times Now VMR Exit Poll - BJP - 200

Uttar Pradesh News X - MRC Exit Poll - BJP -185 seats

Summary of all Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls After Alliance

 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Exit Poll 2017
Party Ally BJP SP+INC BSP Others
Chanakya  285 88  27  3
ABP News - CSDS  164-176  156-169  60-72 2-6 
India Today - Axis  251-279 88-112  28-42 6-16
Times Now - VMR  190-210 110-130  80  23
News X - MRC 185  120  90 8
India TV - CVoter 155 -167 135-147 81-93 8-20
Poll of Polls 211 122 61 9

Uttar PradeSummary of all Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls After Alliance

 Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Opinion Poll 2017
Party Ally India Today Axis (Jan) Times Now VMR (Jan) VDP Ass. (Jan) ABP News CS DS (30 Jan 17) The Week-  Hansa (Jan)
BJP+ 185 202 207 123 194
SP+INC 173 147 128 192 180  
BSP 41 47 58 81 22 
Oth - - - - 5-8

Summary of all Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls Before Alliance

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Opinion Poll 2017
Party Ally India Today Axis (Jan) ABP News CS DS (Jan 17) India Today Axis (Oct) India Today - C Voter (Aug) ABP News CS DS


BJP+ 211 134 176 142 129
SP 95 146 98 141 146 
BSP 82 98 120 103 108 
INC 7 16 10 9 11 
Oth - 3 - 8 9

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Uttar Pradesh Latest Opinion Exit Poll 2017 News Updates

According to the Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls published by Various Survey agencies and TV Channels Following are the Opinion Polls for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017.


04 Feb: India Today - Axis Opinion poll shows BJP at 185 seats.

31 Jan: Times Now - VMR shows BJP winning with 202 seats.

Latest Opinion Poll by FourthLion Technologies - IndiaSpend Conducted 2513 telephone interviews in Hindi of registered voters in Uttar Pradesh between January 24 and January 31. Survey Found that 40% voters are undecided.

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls After Alliance

Opinion Poll 16: Poll by India Today Axis predicts BJP at 185 and SP+INC at 173.

Latest Poll After the alliance between SP and INC predicts Hung Assembly with BJP at 185 Read Complete Poll.

  India Today Axis Opinion poll- 31 Jan 17
Party Seats Vote Share
BJP 180-191 34.8%
SP+INC 168-178 33.2%
BSP 39-43 20.1%
Others 1-4 11.9%



Opinion Poll 15: Poll by Times Now VMR predicts BJP at 202 and SP+INC at 147

Times nowVMR predicts clear mandate for BJP with 202 even after SP and INC alliance.

Times Now VMR Opinion poll- 31 Jan 17
Party Seats Vote Share
BJP 202 34.0%
SP+INC 147 31%
BSP 47 24%
Others 7 11%


Opinion Poll 14: Poll by VDP Associates predicts BJP at 207 and SP+INC at 104.

Opinion Poll 13: Opinion poll by The Week - Hansa Predicts hung Assembly

The Week - Hansa has predicted a hung assembly for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 with BJP getting 194, Samajwadi Party+Congress getting 180 and BSP at 23 seats.

Week Hansa UP Opinion poll- Jan 17
Party Seats
BJP 192-196
SP+INC 178-182
BSP 20-24
Others 5-9

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls Before Alliance

Opinion Poll 13: Opinion poll by IndiaToday - Axis on 04 Jan

Out of the 403 assembly seats in the state, BJP is projected to win 206-216 seats while the SP is expected to win 95 seats.While BSP is expected to come third with 82. Read details here.

Sample Size: 21,000(Survey conducted in december after demonitisation)India Today Axis Opinion poll

 India Today Axis Opinion poll- Jan 17
Party Seats Vote Share
BJP 206-216 33%
SP 92-97 26%
BSP 79-85 25%
INC 5-9 6%

Opinion Poll 12: Opinion poll by ABPNews - CSDS on Jan 2017

Out of the 403 assembly seats in the state, SP is projected to win 141-151 seats while the BJP+ is expect to win 129-139 seats.While incumbent BSP is expected to come third with 93-103. Read details here.

ABP News - CSDS Opinion poll
Party Seats
BJP+ 129-139
SP 141-151
BSP 93-103
INC 13-19


Opinion Poll 11: Opinion poll by IndiaToday - Axis on 12th October

Out of the 403 assembly seats in the state, BJP is projected to win 170-183 seats while the BSP can expect to win 115-124 seats.While incumbent SP is expected to come third with 94-103. Read details here.

India Today Axis Opinion poll
Party Seats
BJP 170-183
BSP 115-124
SP 94-103
INC 8--12


6th Nov: ABP NEWS- Cicero Opinion Poll on Preferred CM. Akhilesh - 31%,  Mayawati - 27%,  Details here.

Opinion Poll 10: Opinion poll by VDP Associates on 1st October

Opinion Poll by VDP Associates shows BJP winning with good margin. This poll was conducted on september end and released on 1st october. Read details here

VDP Associates UP Opinion poll
Party Vote % Seats
BJP+ 31% 190
SP 27% 111
BSP 24% 87
INC 5% 05
OTHERS 13% 10

 Opinion Poll 9: Opinion poll by Magazine 'Parliamentarian' predicts hung assembly in UP polls next year Read Full Here

Opinion Poll 8: Opinion Poll of Uttar Pradesh IndiaTV-CVoter Live Read More.

BJP is projected to win 134-150 seats while the SP can expect to win 133-149 seats. Maywati’s BSP is projected to win 95-111 seats. Congress is expected to win 5-13 seats in the elections. Read Complete Poll details here

IndiaTV C-Voter UP Opinion poll
Party Seats
BJP 134-150
SP 133-149
BSP 95-111
INC 5--13
OTHERS 4--12
Opinion Poll 7: Opinion Poll of Uttar Pradesh ABP News - CSDS Lokniti Live Read More.

ABP News - CSDS Lokniti shows Samajwadi Party winning with nearly 146 seats, and BJP at second position with 129 seats whereas BSP is at the last position with 108 seats. Read Complete Poll details here

ABP News - CSDS  Pre Poll survey
Party wise Seat Projection
Party Vote % Seats Projected
SP 30% 146
BJP 27% 129
BSP 26% 108
INC 5% 11
Others 12% 9
Total - 403


 Opinion Poll 6: ABP NEWS- Cicero Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll. Read More. (November)

Who is first choice as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister?
Akhilesh Yadav 31%
Mayawati 27%
Yogi Adityanath 24%
Keshav Prasad Maurya 2%
Shiela Dikshit 2%

Click Here for more details...

Opinion Poll 5: VDP Associates Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll

It shows BSP winning with 165 seats and BJP very close at 149 seats. Seats required for absolute majority is 202 And both the parties dont seem to be getting absolute majority. READ MORE

VDP Associates pre poll survey 2016
Party wise Seat Projection
Party Vote % Seats Projected
BSP 29.8% 165
BJP+ 28.5% 149
SP 22% 68
INC 8.1% 8
Others - -
Total - 403



Opinion Poll 3: - Mar 2016, According to ABP News - Neilson Opinion Poll, BSP is Winning 185 seats out of 403 ,BJP is at second position with 120 seats, SP might just get 80 where as INC is showing poor performance according to the poll. For detailed report click here

Party Vote % in 2012 Seats in 2012 Forecast vote % Mar 2016 Forecast seats Mar 2016
BJP+ 16.3 % 43 24 % 120
BSP 24.8 % 80 31 % 185
INC 11.5 % 29 11 % 13
RLD 2.3 % 8
SP 30.1 % 228 23 % 80
IND and Others 15.0 % 15 11 % 5
Total 100.0 403 100 403

Opinion Poll 2: - Apr 2016, According to a survey conducted by ASUME Research, an association of social research professionals has said, according to a Mail Today reportFormer chief minister of UP and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati topped the list of the chief ministerial For detailed report click here


Opinion Poll 1: This opinion poll has been calculated based on Parliamentary elections 2014. The election results voting percentage had been taken out assembly wise and party wise for UP and then no of seats has been calculated.

According to Recent Parliamentary Elections held and the voting pattern observed following are the figures :-up opinion poll


No Of Seat














Uttar Pradesh Last Phase Election Voting Live Updates 2017

  1. 51.69% voting till 3 pm Read Voting Live Details here
  2. 5th Phase 57% | 6th Phase 60% |
  3. 1st Phase 63% | 2nd Phase 65% | 3rd Phase 62% | 4th Phase 61%

Below we have Analysed Election Results of each Constituency for Past 4 years and have calculated the swing, margin . Click on Individual Constituencie to see detailed results.


Assembly Name
Behat Amanpur Bharthana (SC) Gaura
Nakur Patiyali Bidhuna Shohratgarh
Saharanpur Nagar Aliganj Dibiyapur Kapilvastu (SC)
Saharanpur Etah Auraiya Bansi
Deoband Marhara Rasulabad (SC) Itwa
Rampur Maniharan Jalesar (SC) Akbarpur Doomariyaganj
Gangoh Mainpuri Sikandra Harraiya
Kairana Bhongaon Bhognipur Kaptanganj
Thana Bhawan Kishani (SC) Bilhaur (SC) Rudhauli
Shamli Karhal Bithoor (SC) Basti Sadar
Budhana Gunnaur Kalyanpur Mahadewa
Charthawal Bisauli (SC) Govindnagar Menhdawal
Purqazi (SC) Sahaswan Sishamau Khalilabad
Muzaffar Nagar Bilsi Arya Nagar Dhanghata (SC)
Khatauli Badaun KIDWAI NAGAR Pharenda
Meerapur Shekhupur Kanpur Cantt. Nautanwa
Najibabad Dataganj Maharajpur Siswa
Nagina (SC) Baheri Ghatampur (SC) Maharajganj (SC)
Barhapur Meerganj Madhaugarh Paniyara
Dhampur Bhojipura Kalpi Caimpiyarganj
Nehtaur (SC) Nawabganj Orai (SC) Pipraich
Bijnor Faridpur (SC) Babina Gorakhpur Urban
Chandpur Bithari Chainpur Jhansi Nagar Gorakhpur Rural
Noorpur Bareilly Mauranipur (SC) Sahajanwa
Kanth Bareilly Cantt. Garautha Khajani (SC)
Thakurdwara Aonla Lalitpur Chauri
Moradabad Rural Pilibhit Mehroni (SC) Bansgaon (SC)
Moradabad Nagar Barkhera Hamirpur Chillupar
Kundarki Puranpur (SC) Rath (SC) Khadda
Bilari Bisalpur Mahoba Padrauna
Chandausi (SC) Katra Charkhari Tamkuhi Raj
Asmoli Jalalabad Tindwari Fazilnagar
Sambhal Tilhar Baberu Kushinagar
Suar Powayan (SC) Naraini (SC) Hata
Chamraua Shahjahanpur Banda Ramkola (SC)
Bilaspur Dadraul Chitrakoot Rudrapur (SC)
Rampur PALIA Manikpur Deoria
Milak (SC) NIGHASAN Jahanabad Pathardeva
Dhanaura (SC) GOLA GOKRANNA Bindki Rampur Karkhana
Naugawan Sadat SRI NAGAR (SC) Fatehpur Bhatpar Rani
Amroha DHAURAHRA Ayah Shah Salempur (SC)
Hasanpur LAKHIMPUR Husainganj Barhaj
Siwalkhas KASTA (SC) Khaga Atrauliya
Sardhana MOHAMMDI Rampur Khas Gopalpur
Hastinapur (SC) Maholi Babaganj (SC) Sagri (SC)
Kithore Sitapur Kunda Mubarakpur
Meerut Cantt. Hargaon (SC) Vishwanathganj Azamgarh
Meerut Laharpur Pratapgarh Nizamabad
Meerut South Biswan Patti Phoolpur Pawai
Chhaprauli Sevata Raniganj Didarganj
Baraut Mahmoodabad Sirathu Lalganj (SC)
Baghpat Sidhauli (SC) Manjhanpur (SC) Mehnagar (SC)
Loni Misrikh (SC) Chail Madhuban
Muradnagar Sawaijpur Phaphamau Ghosi
Sahibabad Shahabad Soraon (SC) Muhammadabad
Ghaziabad Hardoi Phulpur Mau
Modi Nagar Gopamau (SC) Pratappur Belthara Road (SC)
Dholana Sandi (SC) Handia Rasara
Hapur (SC) Bilgram Meja Sikanderpur
Garhmukteshwar Balamau (SC) Karachhana Phephana
Noida Sandila Allahabad West Ballia Nagar
Dadri Bangermau Allahabad North Bansdih
Jewar Safipur (SC) Allahabad South Bairia
Sikandrabad Mohan Bara (SC) Badlapur
Bulandshahr Unnao (SC) Koraon (SC) Shahganj
Syana Bhagwantnagar Kursi Jaunpur
Anupshahr Purwa Ram Nagar Malhani
Debai Malihabad (SC) Barabanki Mungra Badshahpu
Shikarpur Bakshi Kaa Talab Zaidpur (SC) Machhlishahr S.C.
Khurja (SC) Sarojini Nagar Dariyabad Mariyahu
Khair (SC) Lucknow West Rudauli Zafrabad
Barauli Lucknow North Haidergarh (SC) Kerakat S.C. (SC)
Atrauli Lucknow East Milkipur (SC) Jakhanian (SC)
Chharra Lucknow Central Bikapur Saidpur (SC)
Koil Lucknow Cantt. Ayodhya Ghazipur
Aligarh Mohanlalganj (SC) Goshainganj Jangipur
Iglas (SC) Bachhrawan (SC) Katehari Zahoorabad
Hathras (SC) Tiloi Tanda Mohammadabad
Sadabad Harchandpur Alapur (SC) Zamania
Sikandra Rao Rae Bareli Jalalpur Mughalsarai
Chhata Salon (SC) Akbarpur Sakaldiha
Mant Sareni Balha (SC) Saiyadraja
Goverdhan Unchahar Nanpara Chakia (SC)
Mathura Jagdishpur (SC) Matera Pindra
Baldev (SC) Gauriganj Mahasi Ajagara (SC)
Etmadpur Amethi Bahraich Shivpur
Agra Cantt. (SC) Isauli Payagpur Rohaniya
Agra South Sultanpur Kaiserganj Varanasi North
Agra North Sadar Bhinga Varanasi South
Agra Rural (SC) Lambhua Shrawasti Varanasi Cantt.
Fatehpur Sikri Kadipur (SC) Tulsipur Sevapuri
Kheragarh Kaimganj Gainsari Bhadohi
Fatehabad Amritpur Utraula Gyanpur
Bah Farrukhabad Balrampur (SC) Aurai (SC)
Tundla (SC) Bhojpur Mehnaun Chhanbey (SC)
Jasrana Chhibramau Gonda Mirzapur
Firozabad Tirwa Katra Bazar Majhawan
Shikohabad Kannauj (SC) Colonelganj Chunar
Sirsaganj Jaswantnagar Tarabganj Marihan
Kasganj Etawah Mankapur (SC) Ghorawal
      Duddhi (SC)

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