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Austria presidential election 2016

Austria will re-run its presidential election on October 2...Read More  –the same day Hungary holds a referendum on the European Union’s mandatory migrant quotas. Austria Repeat election schedule/date Opinion exit poll results Candidates 2016

Hungary Refrendum 2016

The Hungarian president János Áder has announced the date for the so-called “quota referendum” for October 2.As of July 1, fewer than 2,800 people – 789 from Italy and 1,994 from Greece – have been relocated, according to EU data. Hungary has made zero places available but is meant to take in 1,294 people. Hungarian migrant quota referendum 2016 Dates Opinion/Exit Poll Result...Read More

Scotland Refrendum 2016

After the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum in June 2016, Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, indicated that a second referendum on Scottish independence could be held. Scotland/ScotExit referendum 2016 latest news updates Opinion/Exit Poll dates timeline...Read More

Russian legislative election, 2016

Legislative elections will be held in Russia on 18 September 2016, having been brought forward from 4 December.At stake are the 450 seats in the State Duma of the 7th convocation, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia. United Russia is currently the ruling party after having won the 2011 elections with 49.32% of the vote, taking 238 seats (53%) of the seats in the State Duma.

Spain Election Result 2016

Official results give the PP 137 seats in the 350-seat parliament and the PSOE 85 – confounding an earlier exit poll suggesting the Socialists would slip into third place.Unidos Podemos have won 71 and Ciudadanos 32. Both parties are relative newcomers to the Spanish political scene.Spain election schedule/date Opinion exit poll results Candidates 2016...Read More

Iceland Presidential Election Result 2016

Guðni won the election with 39.1% of the votes.Halla received 27.9%, Andri Snær 14.3%, Davíð 13.7% and Sturla 3.5%.The turnout was 75.7%. Iceland Presidential Election Results 2016 Opinion Poll Schedule Candidates...Read More

Icelandic parliamentary election 2016

The next Icelandic parliamentary elections were set to be held on or before 27 April 2017, but are expected to take place on 29 October 2016. The ruling coalition announced an early election would be held following the 2016 Icelandic anti-government protests earlier in the year.

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Scotland/ScotExit referendum 2016 latest news updates Opinion/Exit Poll dates timeline, Scotland referendum, EU referendum, scotland independence poll, Scottish independence referendum 2016, Scotexit independence results, European Union membership referen 12 September 2016 764
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Spain election schedule/date Opinion exit poll results Candidates 2016,26th June Spanish Election Result 2016,Spain Election Opinion polls,Spanish general election 2016 Opinion/Exit Poll,Spain General Election Results Voter Turnout,Spain Election Results 09 September 2016 782
Spain may faces third general election as Rajoy loses confidence vote, Mariano Rajoy, Rajoy loses confidence Vote, Spain Re-election schedule 2016 in December, Spain general election schedule/dates/timeline 2016 01 September 2016 909
Gudni Johannesson Political newcomer wins Iceland’s presidential election, Iceland presidential election result Highlights, Icelandic presidential election results 28 June 2016 981
2016 Spainish General Election Results, Spain Repeat Election Results 2016, Spain Election Result Party wise 28 June 2016 940
Austrian presidential election 2016 (second round) 22nd May 2016 Live Updates news key candidates,Austrian Election Results Live Updates 2016 schedule dates opinion poll candidates Austrian polls, austrian presidential elections, austria elections 2016, F 21 May 2016 1025
Austria political crisis, Austria Presidential Election 2016 schedule/dates/timeline Opinion poll facts,Brief about Austria political crisis, Werner Faymann, Reinhold Mitterlehner,Austria Latest news updates 11 May 2016 851
Spain ready for repeat Elections On June 26,Spain Election 2016,Spain election 2016 news latest updates, Spain Election 2016 Schedule,Spain Fresh Elections,Popular Party, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy,Spain Elections 04 May 2016 826
160 Killed in Paris attack, Paris Attack Video 2015, Park Attack 2015, Paris, Paris Terrorist attack 14 November 2015 990
HDP targets votes from western, central Turkey with its candidates for June 7 elections, Turkey election 2015, Turkey parliament election , Turkish parliament 08 April 2015 1246
World’s first Yazidi MP on her way to Turkish parliament,Turkey election 2015, turkey election 2015, Turkey parliament election 2015 08 April 2015 1058
Armenian candidate tops Turkey's main opposition list for elections, Turkey election 2015, turkey election 2015 08 April 2015 1685
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List of President of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan President till now, List of Kazakhstan President, who is in Kazakhstan government, Government of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan President, present President in Kazakhstan, complete List of Kazakhstan President, List of 03 March 2015 1125
List of Prime Minister of Romania, Romania Prime Minister till now, List of Romania Prime Minister, who is in Romania government, Government of Romania, Romania Prime Minister, present Prime Minister in Romania, complete List of Romania Prime Minister, Li 03 March 2015 950

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