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Prominent Leaders. Information on the prominent leaders in Indian Politics in current and past times.
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Narendra Modi, Modi Government, PMO India, BJP, Prime Minister of India, BJP Leader, , Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS, About Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi News, Latest News updates, highlights of modi Govt, Development work of modi Government 03 February 2014 14304
A multi-millionaire businessman, heading a security firm with a turn-over of about Rs.3,000 crore, is set to enter the Rajya Sabha as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member,This BJP nominee set to be Rajya Sabha's richest member,At Rs 850 crore, Bihar-base 30 January 2014 4089
BJP announces Rajya Sabha candidates for MP, Digvijaya among Congress nominees for Rajya Sabha elections,Rajasthan, Bihar,Jharkhand, Odisha ,Assam,Rajya Sabha polls, Rajya sabha candidates, Rajya sabha nomination by congress, BJP, Vijay goel 28 January 2014 4880
Can social media turn the tables in the Lok Sabha elections 2014?, Lok Sabha elections 2014,social media,Twitter,Congress,Aam Aadmi Party,Delhi Assembly elections 2013 22 January 2014 4756
Chief Minister turns Chief Protester in unprecedented face-off: 10 developments 20 January 2014 15308
AAP to name nominee against Narendra Modi once BJP finalises his seat 18 January 2014 2163
Sunanda Pushkar: A life and death under the media spotlight 18 January 2014 5129
Rahul Gandhi to contest Lok Sabha polls from Karnataka? 18 January 2014 1517
Journey of Rahul Gandhi in Last 10 years, his strength & weakness in a glance 17 January 2014 1516
Modi won’t be PM, but he can distribute tea: Manishankar Aiyar 17 January 2014 2637
Swaraj by Arvind Kejriwal , Arvind Kejriwal Swaraj Book, Swaraj - Power to the people Book By Arvind Kejriwal, Swaraj - India Aganist Corruption by CM Arvind Kejriwal 11 January 2014 18162
10 prominent people who have decided to join hands with Arvind Kejriwal. 10 January 2014 19764
Know About Narendra Modi , Some Interesting fact about Narendra Modi past political Carrier ,Little known facts about Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi BJP PM candidate, Narendra Modi, Modi as PM. 21 September 2013 4955
If India is computer, Congress is its default programme: Rahul Gandhi, Congress, indian politics, rahul gandhi statment, latest political news. 23 August 2013 4134
PM likely to make statement on missing coal block files today,Parliamentary Affairs,PM's statement, coal blocks,latest news. 23 August 2013 15742
Madhya Pradesh Cheif Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, About Shivraj Singh Chouhan ,Political history & Background Detail Of Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Who is Shivraj Singh Chouhan. 12 June 2013 4350
LK Advani quits all BJP posts,LK Advani, BJP, Parliamentary board, Narendra Modi,Modi,BJP,Advani,The National,Rajnath Singh,RESIGNATION LETTER 10 June 2013 3319
Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah expands his ministry, latest karnataka news, Karnataka News Today latest news, latest political news. 18 May 2013 3136
Nawaz Sharif , About Nawaz Sharif ,Political history & Background Detail Of Nawaz Sharif , Who is Nawaz Sharif. 15 May 2013 18438
Kiran Bedi , About Kiran Bedi ,Political history & Background Detail Of Kiran Bedi , Who is Kiran Bedi. 14 May 2013 25449
Rajya Sabha chairman, Name of Rajya sabha chairman, Chairman Of Rajya sabh , Present chairman Of Rajya Sabha. 09 May 2013 25567
Karnataka Cheif MinisterJagadish Shettar, About Jagadish Shettar ,Political history & Background Detail Of Jagadish Shettar, Who is Jagadish Shettar. 04 April 2013 4924
Formar Karnataka Cheif Minister B S Yeddyurappa, About B S Yeddyurappa ,Political history & Background Detail Of B S Yeddyurappa, Who is B S Yeddyurappa. 04 April 2013 7901
The Political top 10, Top 10 Politicians in india, Indian Politician,India Top 10 Politician, Top 10 Politician In indian goverment, Goverment In india, National Political News. National News update, National news 20-13,Latest National News update in indi 04 March 2013 20214
Cheif Minister of Gujarat 2012, About Narendra Modi, Who is Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi Profile, Narendra Modi details, News 2012 02 September 2012 19534
First in India Politics, First President Prime Minister, governor of India, First Man and Women in India politics 15 August 2012 22502
Indian Council of Ministers, Indian Cabinet Minister 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Indian National Cabinet Minister Portfolio List, Who is who Indian government, National Portfolio of India 23 July 2012 56868
Cabinet Ministers 2009, Present Cabinet Ministers, Cabinet Ministers of India 16 February 2010 4820
List of Prime Ministers Of India, All Prime Ministers of India till date, Prime Ministers of India after Independence, Prime Ministers Since 1945 16 February 2010 105018
Top 10 Most Searched leaders of India on Internet, Prominent Leaders India, Top 10 politicians of India 21 August 2008 42485

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