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Factual information of 2015 Delhi assembly election result

Factual information of 2015 Delhi assembly election result

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In 2015 Delhi witness a completely different kind of election. In 2015 it was complete Modi wave that was making its impact cross the nation but despite of such a strong dominance of BJP, AAP showed his strength and won one sidedly. Voters of nation has witness first kind of its trend after Independence where newly formed party has won 95% of seat and central governing party was just confined to 3 seats in heart of Nation. 

No opinion poll has shown such statics and predicting that Congress will be confined to 0 and BJP will win only 3 seats but when the result was declared it was completely different scenario and it was AAP all around.

Let’s take the stats of past election and vote share of party in Delhi in 2015 elections:

PARTY 2015 (%) Seats
AamAadmi Party AAP 54.3 67
Bhartiya Janata Party BJP 32.2 3
Indian National Congress INC 9.7 0
Bahujan Samaj Party BSP 1.3 0
Indian National Lok Dal INLD 0.6 0
Independents IND 0.5 0
Shiromani Akali Dal SAD 0.5 0
Unrecognized parties UP 0.5 0
None of the above NOTA 0.4 -
Total 100 70

Above stats gives us clear indication that AAP has broken all the records of Indian politics by winning 67 seatsin 2015 elections. But just after 2 year when MCD election took place in Delhi it was completely different result. It was BJP who won with a thumping majority and marked his dominance on Delhi voters. Similar, was trend seen in 2019 election where BJP marked strong dominanceand secured all the 7 seats in Delhi.

But for upcoming assembly election strategist and all the pre-poll surveys are showing that AAP has strengthen their position and will retain a firm government in Delhi. This is most likely because of the fact that free service and restructuring of Delhi School models are making strong impact on the mind set of Delhi voters. 



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