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CPI Releases Election Manifesto 2017 Highlights Manipur Assembly Election

CPI Releases Election Manifesto 2017 Highlights 

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The party appealed to people to vote for CPI and its Left allies to defeat communal forces, those who believed in aristocracy and those creating caste divide in society. 

The manifesto urges people to check the entry of mafia, criminals and the corrupt in Vidhan Sabha and help in marginalising those advocating capitalism at the cost of labourers, farmers and commoncpi man and those batting for new liberal economy.
CPI leader Ashok Mishra said that the UP Assembly elections of 2017 were very crucial as they could bring a long-lasting change in politics. CPI, Manipur State Council has today released the election manifesto at Langthabal Mayai Leikai.

CPI National leader MP D Raja, CPI Manipur State Council secretary Dr M Nara, CPI Manipur State Council assistantsecretary L Sotinkumar and CPI workers were also present at the function.

D Raja, while addressing the gathering, said that the 35-point manifesto is based on various issues of the State.

"It is our appeal to the people to discuss the manifesto and support the party in the ensuing State Assembly election,

The CPI(M) Election Manifesto has appealed to the people to:

Reject Congress, Defeat BJP
Vote for the CPI(M)
Strengthen the Left
For a Secular and Democratic Alternative
The CPI(M) Election Manifesto makes a stringent critique of the performance and policies of the Congress-led UPA government.
Price Rise
In the last four years from December 2009 to 2013, prices of rice, wheat and groundnut oil increased between 50 to 100 per cent; prices of potatoes have doubled and even quadrupled during this five year period; onion prices have on an average doubled from already high levels.
The most striking failure of the UPA government has been its inability to check the unrelenting rise in the prices of food and other essential commodities. For seven long years since 2007, India has lived with persistent double digit food inflation.
The second biggest failure of the UPA government has been in generating employment. Between 2005-2010 the rate of employment growth has been less than one percent annually. One in every  three graduates in the age group 15-29 remains unemployed.
Economic policies of the UPA Government:
Have led to transfer of resources from the people to the rich. From 13 billionaires in 2003 now there are 56 billionaires – more than four times the number.
The government has allowed the loot of natural resources of the country whether it be land, minerals, gas or spectrum.
Between 2009 and 2013 a massive Rs. 21 lakh crores of tax revenues were given away as tax forgone or in tax concessions.
Corruption & Mega Scams
But the BJP’s record in corruption is no better. The origins of many of the mega scams like telecom and coal block allocations began in the period of the NDA government. The BJP government headed by Yedyyurappa in      Karnataka became notorious for the mining scandal.

Combatting Communalism
The manifesto underlines the growing range of communal activities. The aim of the Hindutva outfits is to create and widen divisions between Hindus and Muslims. The Muzaffarnagar violence was the worst in recent times. In most of the riots there has been a common pattern of the involvement of the RSS and its outfits. The Congress and the UPA government have failed to counter the communal forces.
BJP: Reactionary Alternative
The BJP and its progenitor the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh espouses an ideology which is inimical to the vision of a modern secular State.
Terrorist attacks have continued to take place in different parts of the country. The source of terrorism is religious extremism of various varieties. While there are continuing instances of terrorist violence involving some extremist elements from the Muslim community, it was extremist Hindutva elements who were behind terrorist blasts in Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharief and the Samjhauta Express. Ethnic chauvinist groups have indulged in terrorist violence in the North East.

Violence on Women

The period since the last Lok Sabha election has been one of unremitting and alarming rise in the crimes against women. This has become a major national issue. Rapes and gang rapes of women and young girls are taking place all around the country. Sexual assaults and violence against young girls and children are particularly horrific. The Nirbhaya case in Delhi led to the appointment of the Justice J.S. Verma Committee which submitted a comprehensive report with well considered recommendations to bring about changes in the laws concerning violence against women.


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