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Goa India Today Axis exit poll Election Survey Result 2017

Goa India Today Axis Exit Poll Election Survey Result 2017

Goa India Today Axis exit poll Election Survey Result 2017,India Today-Axis Goa exit poll,Goa assembly election exi tpoll 2016,Goa Axis exit Poll

According to Various Goa exit Polls published by Various Survey agencies and TV Channels Following are the exit Polls for Goa Assembly Elections 2017images 1

Goa exitpolls have been banned by ECI from 4th Februrary to 8th March 2017 till all 5 states elections are completed.


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India Today - Axis Opinion Poll for Goa Elections 2017 - Jan 2017


Goa Assembly Election Exit Poll 2017

Party Ally India today Exit Poll 2017
AAP 0-2
INC 9-13
BJP 18-22
Others 5-9

Survey shows majority for BJP+MGP in 2017 Goa Polls winning 24 seats Read More

Survey conducted by India Today - Axis
Party wise Seat Projection
Party Seats Projected
BJP 20-24
INC 13-15
MGP 1-4
Total 40



exit poll

Live Voting Updates Goa Elections exitPolls 2017

  1. 83% Voting recorded in Goa. No exitPolls to be released before 8th March 2017.
  2. AllopinionPolls released till now are mentioned below. Most of latestopinionPolls show BJP ahead.
  3. Chanakya exitPolls to be released on 8th March.
  4. As per ECI no exitPoll between 4th Feb and 8th March 2017.
  5. Polling for all 40 constituencies, 250 candidates, 11 lakh voters. Goa Live Voting Updates 2017

Summary of all exitPolls Goa Assembly Elections 2017                                     


Goa Assembly Election exitPoll 2017
Party Alliance VDP Ass. The Week - Hansa  India Today Axis India Today Axis

Also Read: India Today - Axis opinion Poll released shows BJP winning 22

Latest exitpoll by Huffpost CVoter shows BJP at 15, India Today - Axis opinion poll shows BJP winning 22 seats i.e absolute majority. It's a triangular fight in Goa with AAP entering the political arena of Goa. Now the fight is between INC, BJP and AAP. But with recent controversial news of AAP MLAs in Delhi, chances of AAP has come down considerably. Latest opinion Poll by India Today - Axis opinion Poll shows BJP winning with 19 seats. Earlieropinionpolls by Kautaliya analysis and VDP associates showed AAP winning and BJP winning resp. But the final results will only be known once the elections are completed.




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Summary of all opinion Polls Goa Assembly Elections 2017

Goa Assembly ElectionopinionPoll 2017
Party Alliance VDP Ass. (Jan) The Week - Hansa (Jan) India Today Axis (Jan) India Today Axis KTDA (Aug) VDP


BJP+MGP 15 22 22 19 17 22
INC 14 12 14 14 7 6
AAP 2 3 2 2 14 9
Others 9 - - 4 2





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