AAP launches campaign for 2017 polls,Goa 2017 assembly election,AAP,BJP. Laxmikant Parsekar, Pankaj Gupta,Goa polls 2017

AAP launches campaign for 2017 polls,Goa 2017 assembly election,AAP,BJP. Laxmikant Parsekar, Pankaj Gupta,Goa polls 2017

MARGAO: Launching the party’s campaign for the 2017 assembly election, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national secretary Pankaj Gupta emphasised that only AAP can bring the change Goans are looking for. He also indicated the party's plan to contest the election from all 40 seats. 
At the party's first public meeting in Benaulim on Sunday, Gupta criticised the BJP government for not being sensitive to the people's needs and listed examples, such as Tuem and Betul, where the government was going against the wishes of the people.
He also mocked Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar for his recent comments on the Delhi government’s proposal to hike the salaries of its MLAs; he also criticised the Congress for its family politics and questioned why people should allow only few people to control the state.
Gupta then recalled that the Delhi government had inaugurated a flyover at a cost of Rs 150 crore when the same flyover had been tendered at Rs 25 crore by the erstwhile Congress government. He used this as an example along with the highly reduced water and electricity bills to show that money was returning to the residents of Delhi.
“Our motto is to give a corruption-free government and a government which interacts with people at all times,” said Pankaj. He added that their volunteers are going to each constituency, taluka and ward and reaching out to citizens whose primary concern is the betterment of Goa.
“Regarding the elections, we will take a decision based on the will of Goans. But if we fight, we will fight from all the seats to form the government,” said Pankaj.
He pointed out that the Delhi candidates were simple citizens and compared them to anyone sitting in the audience. However, he stressed that all applicants will have to fulfill certain criteria to contest on a party ticket, such as lack of a criminal record.
On issues that the party will take up, Gupta said that they will try to revive the tourism sector. He criticised the present state of affairs, where vices like gambling, prostitution and drugs are synonymous with tourism and had caused a 50-percent decline in tourist arrivals.
He also said that the party would try to revive heritage tourism, which was neglected. He cited how the party was the only one that did not have a high-command philosophy and sat with the public to discuss issues.
AAP member Dr Oscar Rebello recalled how people from across Goa had united for the opinion poll and Konkani agitation that defined Goa’s history, and stated that it was time for such a fight to defeat the forces that are controlling politicians today.
Stating that he believed in the party’s ability to win the assembly elections, Rebello stressed on AAP's philosophy for devolution of powers and how this empowers the public to punish those who follow corrupt practices. He cited how the people had voted for change in the last elections, but the BJP government had simply flattered to deceive.

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