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General election voting percent live updates, UK election polling live updates, British General election polling Percent, UK Parliament election 2015 , UK Election polling updates, UK Polls

General election voting percent live updates, UK election polling live updates, British General election polling Percent, UK Parliament election 2015 , UK Election polling updates,  UK Polls

Millions of people began casting their votes in the British general election at around 50,000 polling stations across the country on Thursday. Balloting began at 7 a.m. (GMT) and will continue until 10 p.m., BBC reported, adding that 50 million people registered to vote for the 650 seats at stake. The turnout in the 2010 election was 65 percent. 

Besides the general election, more than 9,000 council seats are being contested across 279 local authorities. Mayors will also be elected for Bedford, Copeland, Leicester, Mansfield, Middlesbrough and Torbay, the report said.
A handful of results are expected to be declared by midnight, but the final results are expected to be declared on Friday afternoon.

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Live Updates Here:

2:10pm SNP could take three of Edinburgh's five seats

Election candidates in Edinburgh’s five seats are mobilising heavy “get out the vote” campaigns, with Labour and the Lib Dems struggling to hold off the Scottish National party surge.

2:05pm  Ukip candidate missed off ballot papers
Back to Darlington, it has been confirmed that a Ukip candidate was missed off ballot papers sent to a polling station in the constituency.
Ukip’s David Hodgson was not included on the electoral forms, a spokesman for Darlington Borough Council says.
Around 89 ballot papers - 0.1% of the total number of ballot papers printed - had been handed out to voters before the issue was flagged and corrected.

1:10PM: Various pre-poll surveys have predicted a split verdict, and this may open the doors for horse trading and endless parleys between politicians. It may also trigger a call for political reforms like proportional representation.

1:05 PM: Police officers have been posted at every polling station in an east London constituency where a recent voting scandal led to the removal of the local mayor Lutfur Rahman after the high court found him guilty of corruption, reports my colleague Jessica Elgot.
Today there are more than 340 police officers on election duties in the borough and voters will have specific walkways into polling stations to ensure they cannot be harassed by groups congregating outside.

12:52pm: Rain on polling day isn’t great news for party activists, who have to chivvy voters that little bit harder to pull their wellies on and get to a polling station.

12:50PM: Final polls showing move towards Labour, says Lord Ashcroft

The last set of phone polls, which up until last week had the Conservatives consistently ahead, are now all pointing to a late swing to Labour. All the final polls - phone and web - show that Labour and the Tories are virtually tied:

12:48 pm Labour has one-point lead over Tories in final Guardian/ICM poll

Labour has moved into a wafer-thin one-point lead in the final pre-election Guardian/ICM poll, leaving the country on a knife-edge with the markets starting to jitter.

Latest ICM/Guardian poll: CON - 34%,  LAB - 35%,  UKIP - 11%, LDEM - 9%, GRN - 5%,  SNP-5%, Others 2%

More on that Guardian/ICM poll, the final indication before we move into exit poll territory after 10pm tonight. Some 2,023 adults aged 18+ were interviewed by telephone between 3 and 6 May.
Here’s how it affects seat numbers: we still see the Tories and Labour tied on 273 seats each, but the anti-Tory bloc outweighs those who whom David Cameron might be expected to work.

Guardian ICM poll

 12:31PM: Grandmother to become Britain's oldest first-time voter at 102

Grandmother to become Britains oldest first-time voter

12:25pm Voters turn to Google for answers
Frantic floating voters are asking Google who to pick as 10million people make up their minds.
The phrase 'Who should I vote for?' has been trending on the search engine as the polls opened this morning in the tightest race for Number 10 in a generation.
More than 10,000 people had entered the search term by 8am and it's the top auto-suggest result for the word 'who'.

12.20 David Miliband endorses Ed
Finally! After weeks of Ed Miliband awkwardly having to try to convince interviewers that his brother supports him, honest, despite the whole beating-him-to-the-Labour-leadership thing, we have an official endorsement:

David Miliband @DMiliband
If you are British and can get to a polling station, please vote, and please vote #Labour #Ed4PM

11:51PM Latest odds on favourite to be PM
Just a quick note on the latest Prime Minister betting.
This morning Paddy Power has taken a lumpy £30,000 bet from one confident phone customer for David Cameron to be PM at 5/6, which will see the punter pick-up a cool £55k if he’s correct.
The latest betting has Cameron at 4/5 (55% chance) and Miliband at 11/10. So far with Paddy Power, the punters have staked twice as much money on David Cameron than they have on Ed Miliband.
PM after General Election
4/5   David Cameron
11/10   Ed Miliband

11:38am: Latest Ipsos-MORI poll: CON - 36% (+1) LAB - 35% (+5) UKIP - 11% (+1) LDEM - 8% (-) GRN - 5% (-3)

And now we have the final Ipsos Mori poll, which has the Conservatives down one point to 36%, and Labour up five points to 35%. I think the expression required here is nip-and-tuck.

11.20amNick Clegg votes-The Lib Dem leader becomes the last of the major party chiefs to cast his vote. Here he is arriving at his polling station

11:17am: First-time voters on what today means to them-This election is the first opportunity for people born during the Labour administration of Tony Blair to vote. Blair was elected on 1 May 1997, which means there’s a week’s worth of 18-year-olds who have reached political maturity just in time to cast their ballot today.

11:15am: Douglas Alexander faces tight race with 20-year-old SNP candidate

11:00am: 50 Indian-origin candidates- Over 50 candidates of Indian origin are contesting in Thursday's British general election, the outcome of which should be known by Friday morning.Read More..>>

10.44am The religious vote- The sun is shining in East Lothian as monks from Sancta Maria Abbey in Nunraw cast their votes in Garvald

10.30am Hackney voting problems- Reports that all is not well in Hackney, with voters finding they have not been properly registered.

10.20am: British polls: Forecast reveals Conservatives, Labour neck-and-neck
The final national opinion poll from Lord Ashcroft this morning, conducted over the last two days, has the Conservatives and Labour level-pegging on 33 per cent each.

(Loard Ashcroft Poll)-- Con-33%, Lab-33%, UKIP-11%, LibDem-10%, GRN-6% Read More..>>

Agency's Name







Final Lord Ashcroft poll







Final poll ComRes







Final poll Survation







Final ICM







Final Panelbase







Final YouGov







9:41am:This election is the first opportunity for people born during the Labour administration of Tony Blair to vote. Blair was elected on 1 May 1997, which means there’s a week’s worth of 18-year-olds who have reached political maturity just in time to cast their ballot today.

09.15 Reports of queues at polling stations. Some 29.6 million people voted in the 2010 election - turnout of 65 per cent.

1> JohannaDerry@johanna_derry- There is a QUEUE to vote at my polling station. I have never queued before. Now I'm excited. Get the vote out

2> Linda Grant @lindasgrant - For the first time in my life I'm having to queue to vote. Polling station rammed since 7am

3> Cllr Ged Mirfin @NorthernTory- Very busy at the Polling Station in Billington early doors. Looks like its going to be a high turnout! 1:50 PM - 7 May 2015

voting queue at general election

Tweetby- Nigel Farage @Nigel_Farage

These 5 key pledges show quite how UKIP differs from the political establishment. for REAL change. 12:40 PM - 7 May 2015

5 key pledges

09.05: David Cameron votes The Prime Minister has arrived at Witney with wife Samantha to cast his vote:

David Cameron Message to Voters - My promise and my warning to voters: 

( Amid all the confusion and commentary, my message is simple and clear: Britain has the chance of a strong, stable Government - but only if you vote Conservative. All other options will end in chaos.

So as you enter the voting booth, remember these simple things: you can stop Ed Miliband being held to ransom by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. You can ensure strong and stable Government. You can secure our economy and the Union. You can ensure I am back at work as your Prime Minister on Friday. But you can only achieve these things if you vote Conservative. The country's future depends on the choice you make.)

8:50am: While Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage, Nicola Sturgeon and Natalie Bennett have already cast their votes, Nick Clegg is not expected to his Sheffield polling station til a little later this morning. In unrelated news, he enjoyed a slightly boozy end to his 1,000-mile campaign finale last night

8:40am: The Lib Dem leader has however been busy on Twitter this morning.

8:30am: Already there are plenty of reports of busy polling stations – even (modest) queues in some places. In 2010, turnout was 65.1% and many expect that to be exceeded today.

08.20 Natalie Bennett votes -The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has just tweeted to say she's cast her vote. Here she was en route to the polling station:

08.15 polling stations- Obviously, it's the voting that counts. But as schools and church halls around the country are converted into polling stations for the day.

8:00am: Scottish national party Leaders Nicola Sturgeon, with her husband Peter Murrell casting their votes

TweetBy - Libby Brooks @libby_brooks

Nicola Sturgeon arrives to vote with husband and SNP chief executive Peter Murrell

12:35 PM - 7 May 2015

07:59am:In 2010, around 1,200 people were left unable to vote at 27 polling stations around the country, despite getting there before the 10pm closing times, according to a subsequent Electoral Commission report.

07:48am: And here is labour Party PM Candidate Ed Miliband, with his wife Justine Thornton, casting their votes in Doncaster:

7:45am:  Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg appears to have had a lie-in after his epic 1,000-mile journey from Land's End to John O'Groats:

-- TweetBy( Message to Voters) Ed Miliband@Ed_Miliband

Today you can vote for a Labour government that stands up for working people, you can vote to put your NHS & your family first.

7:40am: UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has cast his vote at a polling station in Ramsgate. He’s standing for the seat of South Thanet, the sixth time he has attempted to become an MP.

(Nigel Farage gave a thumbs-up as he arrived to cast his vote at a polling station near the centre of Ramsgate, where he is bidding to realise a decades-long dream of election to Westminster. Ukip – whose efforts in the East Kent constituency have been shadowed by protestors following Farage around – had brought forward by two hours the time when he was scheduled to vote, wrongfooting not just protestors but also some members of the press.
There are 11 candidates standing for the constituency, which was held by the Tories in the last parliament. The result is expected to come in very late, possibly on Friday morning after counting in the neighbouring town of Margate.)

7:30am:  --TweetBy (Message to Voters)David Cameron @David_Cameron

today - and together, we can secure a brighter future for Britain.

7:20am: No single party will win an outright majority. The Lib Dems have a higher probability of being part of a government than either Labour or the Conservatives do.

It’s 7am and polling stations are throwing open their doors/propping them open with plastic school chairs. They’ll be open until 10pm tonight.

British leaders eye Indian-origin voters
As the campaigning for the British parliamentary election enters its final phase, Prime Minister David Cameron and other leaders are eyeing undecided voters, especially among the 700,000 strong community of Indian origin. Read More..

British Prime Minister David Cameron
David Cameron has continued his last-ditch effort to break the opinion poll deadlock by campaigning in target seats through the night.

Src: theguardian.com, telegraph.co.uk

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