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UK Labour Party Election 2016

The Labour Party (UK) leadership election of 2016 was called when a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party arose following criticism of his allegedly weak support for the Remain campaign in the referendum on membership of the European Union. UK Labour Party Leadership Election Dates/Schedule/Timetable Opinion Exit poll Result Candidates 2016

Brexit Referendum 2016

The Leave vote has triumphed - but the the Kingdom is no longer United after London, Scotland and Northern Ireland all backed Remain. EU Referendum: Brexit Election Results News Update

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UK General Election 2015: Mapping constituency opinion polls, Opinion poll, Uk election opinion poll,constituency wise general election opinion polls, Uk election 07 April 2015
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Cameron seen as winner in first TV encounter of UK election, UK election 2015, British general Election, UK Parliament election 2015 27 March 2015
What happens when parliament breaks up before the general election?,UK Election 2015, UK election News, British Election 27 March 2015
UK Election Opinion poll: London offers Labour chance of big gains at general election, says poll, British Election updates, UK opinion poll, General election opinion poll 27 March 2015
Labour and Conservatives neck and neck in opinion polls,Labour and Conservatives Neck to neck fight, UK General Elections 2015, 26 March 2015
UK Poll: 59% of voters say Labour SNP government would be worst general election outcome, UK election opinion poll, General Election opinion poll 26 March 2015
General Election 2015: Ed Miliband and David Cameron go head-to-head tomorrow night,UK election 2015, British Election News, general election News 26 March 2015
All 650 MPs to receive iPad Air 2 and laptop post-election, UK General election 2015, May election 2015, general election news 26 March 2015
UK general Election 2015: Conservatives and Labour even at 35% in latest opinion poll, UK Election opinion poll, General Election 2015, UK opinion poll 25 March 2015
Did the UK PM just lose the election?,UK General Election 2015, UK polls, British General election 2015, UK election 25 March 2015
British poll candidate apologises for 'racist' tweets, UK Election 2015,British general election, UK general Election 2015, British poll 25 March 2015
UK Election 2015: Finding out how voters really feel as the general election looms, UK General Election 2015, UK Election 2015, UK Parliament Election 2015 24 March 2015
UK General Election 2015: Labour to pledge not to increase VAT, UK General Election 2015, UK Election 2015, UK News 24 March 2015
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Scottish National party (SNP) candidate list, UK Scottish National party (SNP) candidate list, Scottish National party (SNP) candidate list 2015, complete list of UK Scottish National party (SNP) candidate 23 March 2015

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