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Meghalaya Assembly:Tough job for district administration to monitor the candidates in the district to ensure free and fair election.

Meghalaya Assembly:Tough job for district administration to monitor the candidates in the district to ensure free and fair election.


Shillong, Jan 23 ,2013

The one district that is poised to see the best of all battles is East Khasi Hills. Having 17 Assembly Constituencies, the district will see the maximum number of candidates jumping into the election fray.

This also means it is a tough job for district administration to monitor the candidates in the district to ensure free and fair election.
What makes election in the district so important is the presence of Shillong city – capital of state.

The district has the highest literacy rate, houses top state officials, head offices of all government departments and headquarters of almost all security forces and institutions, and is most developed part of the state. This is the power house of Meghalaya.

Unlike other parts of the state, here the electorates choose their candidate based on their work. Getting to convince them takes a toll on the candidates and they seek performance.
The voters here are most enthusiastic to known any happening in the government and are constantly scrutinizing the candidates and the government

The 17 constituencies in the district after delimitation are 13 – Mawryngkneng, 14 – Pynthorumkhrah, 15 – Mawlai, 16 – East Shillong, 17 – North Shillong, 18 – West Shillong, 19 – South Shillong, 20 – Mylliem, 21 – Nongthymmai, 22 – Nongkrem, 23 – Sohing, 24 – Mawphlang, 25 – Mawsynram, 26 – Shella, 27 – Pynursla, 28 – Sohra, and 29 – Mawkynrew.
However, being in Khasi Hills, it is understood that only Khasi and Jaintia candidates dominate the political scenario here, and Garo hills based parties like NPP or other parties have little say.

However, this is not applicable to overall politics of the state.
The ballot battle here is mainly between Indian National Congress (INC) and United Democratic Party (UDP), while other political parties like NCP, KHNAM, BJP, HSPDP, NPP and others besides Independent candidates have little shares.

This time, the delimitation of assembly constituencies has heated up the battle.
In 13 – Mawryngkneng, so far there are four contenders. The sitting legislator from the constituency, Meghalaya Speaker Charles Pyngrope of INC vacated the seat for his son David Nongrum, who was denied the party ticket.

He will be contesting as Independent candidate. UDP has fielded Highlander Kharmalki and Pynehborlang Mukhim is INC’s official candidate, while another name in the fray is that of MP Muktieh who will contest as Independent candidate.
Here, Pynehborlang was chosen by Congress to attract a youths but David is told to be pretty strong himself here since his father had done most of the ground work.

In such a case, the battle is expected to be tough where the regional party make take advantage.14 – Pynthorumkhrah is another hot seat.

A general seat, it has more complexity than reserved constituency seat as one needs to please both the tribal and the non tribal population in the area. The sitting Congress legislator, A.L. Hek, who shifted his allegiance from BJP to Congress during the 8th Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, will be looking for his fourth win in a row from the constituency.

However, the first three times, he had contested from BJP ticket but this time it’s Congress. Though he still enjoys popularity, he is facing tough fight from Predecessor Rumnong of UDP, Andy Lyngwa of BJP and former MLA PT Sawkmie, who is contesting as Independent candidate.
Notably, Pynthorumkhrah is considered to be BJP stronghold; hence puling BJP votes to Congress will be tough for Hek.15 – Mawlai is expected to see good fight between sitting Congress Legislator Founder S. Cajee and Embhah B Syiemlieh of UDP besides having Pyndap Saiborne of KHNAM in the fray.

But Founder has support of President of Mawlai Town Dorbar (MTD) and former Mawlai MLA SD Khongwir, who still controls huge chunk of vote bank here.16 – East Shillong is the combination of Laitumkhrah and Malki.

And this means ballot battle between two sitting legislators. Expected to be one of the toughest battles around, it will see Congress legislator M. Ampareen Lyngdoh and UDP legislator Bindo M Lanong see locking horns for the new constituency seat. The winner will be who knows the game better.

Other aspirant in the fray is Romeo Phira Rani of BJP.Another new seat is 17 – North Shillong, which will see former MLA Roshan Warjri trying to make a comeback on Congress ticket. She is told to be very strong.

But she still has Ibarilin Kharsati of UDP and Adelbert Nongrum of KHNAM who has huge youth following.
 Yet another new constituency is 18 – West Shillong that will see UDP working president and former youth leader Paul Lyngdoh compete against Mohendro Rapsang from Congress. So far the battle is pretty much staged between these two power houses.

The thing to note here will be how better can Mohendro fair against Paul, as the latter is known to be master strategist in political games.
Another epic battle in the making is for 19 – South Shillong seat that will see rivals, both at personal and political level, NCP legislator Sanbor Shullai and Congress candidate Manas Chaudhuri, who is the sitting independent legislator from Mawprem.

However, Edward Kharmawphlang from UDP, who is also the Laban headman will divide votes. But the man to be watched out for, who is making silent headway, is Augustine Lakiang from BJP. He could be the dark horse here taking advantage of Manas – Sanbor rivalry.

Then, there is Sounder Cajee, brother of Mawlai legislator FS Cajee, who is in the fray as independent candidate and RG Pradhan from LJP.
In 20 – Mylliem seat, sitting Congress legislator Ronnie V. Lyngdoh will be facing a tough contest from independent candidate Teilinia Thangkhiew, who is the sitting KHADC MDC from the constituency. Other candidate in the fray is Hamlet Dohling from UDP, the former KSU general secretary and known to be crafty.
21 – Nongthymmai will see Congress legislator Charles Pyngrope take on Dr Jemino Mawthoh from UDP. While both are new to the constituency, both are expected to sweat hard for the seat.

However, to add to their worries, there is Wanbha Mylliempdah LJP and Ehkupar Nongrum from BJP. Anything is possible here.
One constituency that has a track record of not bring back its sitting MLAs, except (L) DR Nongkynrih-1978 and 83, and HS Shylla-88 and 92 is 22 – Nongkrem. The constituency always has lot of candidates in the fray and the situation is no different this time as well.

Local MDC Lambor Malngiang will be contesting on Congress ticket while Draison Kharshiing challenges him from UDP. But the sitting legislator, Ardent Basaiawmoit, who has joined HSPDP is still strong.

He, however, is worried by only one man - Dr SL Marbaniang from NPP, who is a veteran at Meghalaya politics and been an MLA earlier.

BJP has fielded Fairly Bert Kharrngi here where Hilarius Pohchen is contesting as independent candidate. This is tough battle and all are trying their luck. 23 – Sohing will see Congress legislator H. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh face off ‘no – one’ as yet! Apparently, there is no opponent so far against him. 24 – Mawphlang will see Congress Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem taking on UDP legislator JA Lyngdoh.

But the surprise entry here is that of former Minister Pynshai Manik Syiem. This is his second attempt to comeback. 25 – Mawsynram will have Congress sitting legislator and KHADC CEM Pynshngainlang N. Syiem looking to retain the seat against Khraw Kupar Jyrwa of UDP. Others in the fray are Tobias R Marak from NCP, DP Iangjuh from NPP, and Suly Lyngdoh as independent candidate. 26 – Shella will see Jropsingh Nongkhlaw from Congress trying to unseat the unwavering UDP sitting legislator and veteran politician Dr Donkupar Roy.

Dr Roy may not seem to speak much but is quite sturdy in his constituency. 27 – Pynursla, a new constituency, has Congress legislator Prestone Tynsong go head against Banalari Khongwar of UDP. Quite a duel this will turn out to be.
For the 28 – Sohra seat, Titosstar Well Chyne form UDP has promised to give sitting Congress legislator Dr. Phlour W. Khongjee a run for his money. Losing to Dr. Khongjee in last election with a close margin, Chyne claims to have prepared himself well this time. HSPDP has fielded Matsing Nongrum here. 29 – Mawkynrew, yet another new constituency, will see UDP legislator Remington Pyngrope facing off against Drosing Khongjoh of Congress and Alexander Marwein of LJP.

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