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Questions to Arvind Kejriwal from an 'aam aadmi'

aapkejriwalDear Mr Kejriwal,
In the past few weeks you have written letters to some key politicians especially those who are contenders for the prime ministerial chair and as you didn't get response from any of them it seems you have gained the upper hand on the issues raised by you.

Now, a common man like me wants to post some questions in the interest of the nation as you have maintained silence of a number of issues.

1. In the past few weeks, several naval officers have died due to alleged negligence by the defence ministry in terms of faulty submarines but you have not raised your voice against the issue. Why are you keeping mum on the issue and not taking any stand against the UPA minister AK Antony? Is this because of the fact that you don't want to lose the poll focus? Do you keep politics above the lives of the defence personnel?

2. You have not raised any voice against the Sahara chief Subrata Roy. Why so?

3. I was born and brought up in UP, where electricity, corruption, hooliganism are some of the major problems faced by the people of the state. But, you chose to tour Gujarat not Uttar Pradesh. Why so? Is it because of the reason that you want to grab power at the Centre and you assume Narendra Modi as the biggest threat to your PM ambition and hence you chose to tour Gujarat?

4. You criticise several leaders for using private choppers but when you used the facility for the India Today Conclave you justified it by saying that it was sponsored by the event organisers. In future, if any organiser arranges a chopper for you to attend its event won't you ask for the money behind such facilities; if it's genuinely earned money or black one?

5. You claim that your party - AAP - follows democratic procedure to select candidates to be fielded in elections. But, it seems leaders like Kumar Vishwas, Yogendra Yadav chose to contest elections from their favourite constituencies without undergoing any democratic process. How was Vishwas selected to contest from Amethi? Don't you think AAP's internal democracy has been murdered this way?

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6. Your leaders term the incidents of ink attacks as an act of cowardice. We all second that. But, the man - Jarnail Singh - who hurled a shoe at Finance Minister P Chidambaram in 2009, has been chosen by the Aam Aadmi Party to contest the Lok Sabha elections. Don't you think this signifies the double standards followed by the AAP? How can shoe hurling be justified, if at all?

7- You praise media when it shows that corruption has gone down during your tenure in Delhi but when the same media house publishes your report pertaining to demand of government bungalow in Delhi, you tag it as paid media. Why so? Don't you believe in the concept of free and fair media?

8. Why all of a sudden you have upped the ante against the BJP's PM nominee and softened the stand against the Congress? Is this because you're aiming for the PM's chair and feel that Modi is the biggest hurdle in your way and the Congress is no threat (as suggested by opinion polls)? Please clarify.
Hope to get the apt answers to the above written questions,
An Aam Aadmi.


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