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Lok Sabha Election 2014 News
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1 Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam thanks Modi for grandmother's gift leadtech 1747
2 What politician says over Smriti Irani post ? leadtech 1103
3 Amit Shah, JP Nadda, Om Mathur in the race for next BJP president leadtech 12813
4 Shiv Sena upset over being given just a single cabinet berth leadtech 1562
5 Narendra Modi Cabinet: All important portfolios for BJP, minor for allies, Arun Jaitley the biggest gainer leadtech 1566
6 Huge Security for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony leadtech 1706
7 Who Will Attend, Who Will Give it a Miss of Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony leadtech 1193
8 Jashodaben to Narendra Modi: I am extremely happy he is becoming PM, so proud being his wife leadtech 1385
9 Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif to attend Modi's swearing-in ceremony leadtech 1437
10 Narendra Modi's Cabinet: 24 Cabinet ministers, 11 Ministers of State will be sworn today leadtech 816
11 Social activist Kiran Bedi wants to be BJP's Delhi CM candidate leadtech 958
12 Narendra Modi speech in Central Hall of Parliament,says will try to live up to expectations leadtech 13793
13 Narendra Modi to take oath as India's 15th Prime Minister leadtech 13894
14 The Modi effect: BJP victory casts shadow over State Assembly polls Administrator 2630
15 Narendra Modi elected BJP parliamentary party leader,Narendra Modi was elected leader of the BJP parliamentary party leadtech 816
16 Narendra Modi Cabinet Formation: Who Will Occupy Key Posts in Modi's Cabinet leadtech 1007
17 Lok Sabha Election Result 2014, General Election result 2014, Lok Sabha Election result live updates, Sixteenth Lok Sabha Election Result , Election Result 2014, Election Result Live Updates, Election result announced , Election Result 2014 announced on 1 leadtech 21239
18 Votes margins of Top Candidates in Lok Sabha Elections 2014,Prominent leaders in Lok sabha elections 2014,Narendra modi,Rahul Gandhi,Sonai Gandhi,LK Advani,Rajnath Singh,Ajay rai,Arvind Kejriwal,Ananth kumar,Nandan Nilekani,Anath Kumar, Patna Sahib leadtech 959
19 Statewise Lok Sabha Elections Results Live Updates ,Lok Sabha Election Result 2014, General Election result 2014, Lok Sabha Election result live updates,State wise results, Party wise results 2014, Lok sabha 2014,General elections 2014,Sixteenth Lok Sabha leadtech 1613
20 Lok Sabha Election 2014 allover Vote % State wise, State wise comparison of vote % of lok sabha election 2014, past lok sabha election vote % , Polled Vote % of 2009 & 2014, Comparison of vote % between 2014 and 2009, Vote % of 2014 lok Sabha election wit leadtech 15678
21 Lok sabha election exit poll 2014,Exit poll declare by news channels, Exit poll 2014,election 2014 exit poll, Exit poll declare by news channels, Exit poll for election 2014, 2014 election exit poll, exit poll prediction , poll projection after election leadtech 4287
22 Narendra Modi 2014 Election Campaign Summary, BJP aggressive election campaign. leadtech 1440
23 Kejriwal expects big win in Varanasi, Arvind Kejriwal confident his victory from varanasi, AAP Chief Arvind Kejiwal think big Victory from varanasi. leadtech 1416
24 Rahul Gandhi's Roadshow Begins in Varanasi, Rahul Gandhi Election campaign in Varanasi, Rahul gandhi Road show. leadtech 849
25 Campaigning for the final phase of Lok Sabha elections 2014. leadtech 671
26 After Calling Narendra Modi a 'Donkey', Mamata Banerjee Now Calls Him 'Danga Babu', Mamata Banerjee Now Calls 'Danga Babu' to Narendra Modi leadtech 14120
27 Arvind Kejriwal Began roadshow in Varanasi to woo the electorate, Arvind Kejriwal Roadshow, Kejriwal Campaign in Varanasi leadtech 357
28 Arvind Kejriwal 'invites' Narendra Modi for open debate in Varanasi, Arvind Kejriwal Invite Narendra Modi For open Discussion, Narendra Modi leadtech 730
29 Varanasi parliamentary Election 2014 live updates, Varanasi news, Varanasi Live, Varanasi latest news updates, Varanasi, 9th phase of lok sabha poll 2014, final phase of election 2014, Narendra Modi Vs Arvind Kejriwal , lok Sabha Election 2014 leadtech 2206
30 What politician says about 8th phase polling ?, some interesting Fact of phase-8 lok sabha poll 2014, Lok Sabha election 2014 phase -8 live updates, lok sabha , Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, smriti Irani, Priyanka gandhi leadtech 1086
31 Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani,8th phase, phase-8, phase-8 election campaign,campaign,8th phase lok sabha campaign, 8th phase campaign, Lok Sabha election campaign ends today, lok Sabha election 2014, election 2014, Important facts about 8th phase leadtech 1663
32 Amethi Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Amethi Record 54.24% Polling, Amethi election 2014 live Updates ,Amethi Voting % Live, Amethi General Election 2014, Amethi, General Election 2014, Election 2014, lok sabha election 2014, Ra leadtech 1995
33 Constituency Wise Lok Sabha Election Results 2014 - 2019 Cond...3,page-3, General Election 2014 result with margin votes leadtech 936
34 Constituency Wise Lok Sabha Election Results 2014 - 2019 Cond...2, General Election 2014 result with margin votes leadtech 947
35 "Smriti Irani who?" Asks Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Smriti Irani who? Priyanka on BJP’s constant attack on Congress, "Who?" Asks Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Smriti Irani. leadtech 13821
36 The Hindu’s analysis of candidate data for 2014 election, Tickets for women expand female representation, Ticket for women. leadtech 13787
37 BJP PM CandidateNarendra Modi to campaign in Rahul's Amethi for Smriti Irani,Modi to campaign in Rahul's Amethi,Narendra Modi to campaign in Rahul's Amethi for Smriti Irani leadtech 1473
38 Seemandhra Assembly Elections in Phase VIII ,Phase-8th election , Andhra Pradesh assembly election 2014, Andhra Pradesh election, Andhra Pradesh, Assembly Election 2014, Andhra Pradesh Assembly election live update . leadtech 1241
39 Rahul Gandhi Fight against BJP candidate Smriti Irani From Amethi in General election 2014, Indian general election, 2014, Amethi, Indian general election, 2009: Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi in Election Fray, BJP Vs Congress in Amethi, Amethi Vote leadtech 14931
40 LS polls phase-8 : 20 per cent candidates criminals, 31 per cent billionaires, Lok Sabha election 2014 candidate background leadtech 2016
41 LIVE Modi Rally: Congress made 'scam India'; Modi will make 'skilled India', says Narendra Modi in Khalilabad (UP). leadtech 12744
42 Fact about 7th phase election, 7-phase poll facts, Some important facts about lok sabha election 2014 phase -7, Lok Sabha election 2014, Phase-7, Congress hopeful in Punjab, expects few seats from Uttar Pradesh, BJP has a chance in 6 West Bengal seats leadtech 1648
43 'Narendra Modi said Priyanka was like his daughter, DD censored it', Narendra Modi said priyanka was like his daughter, priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi. leadtech 12760
44 LIVE Modi Rally: Congress made 'scam India'; Modi will make 'skilled India', says Narendra Modi in Khalilabad (UP), leadtech 15169
45 Narendra Modi Has Declared Himself Prime Minister: Sonia Gandhi, Rae Bareli Voting %, Sonia Gandhi, 7th Phase lok sabha poll 2014 leadtech 13618
46 Andhra Pradesh assembly election 2014, Andhra Pradesh election, Andhra Pradesh, Assembly Election 2014, Andhra Pradesh Assembly election live update , Assembly Election 2014 Updates, Andhra Pradesh Opinion Poll , Andhra Candidates list, candidate list 201 leadtech 13671
47 Why the Election Commission doubts opinion polls,Opinion Poll, Election Commission, Poll projection, EC doubts opinion polls, Opinion Poll & Exit Poll 2014, Exit poll, Exit poll 2014, Election 2014. leadtech 634
48 Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Campaigning Ends for 7th Phase Polling, Modi, Sonia in Fray, Lok sabha election 2014, Lok sabha election 7th phase campaign, Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, & Phase Campaign ends, election 2014, 7th phase polling. leadtech 336
49 Lok sabha election 2014, Election 2014, Campaign for 7th phase, Campaigning Ends for 7th Phase Polling, Narendra Modi , L K Advani, Priyanka Gandhi, 7th phase of polling, campaign, Campaign for 7th phase which saw no-holds-barred attacks ends. leadtech 1878
50 8th Phase Lok Sabha Elections 2014 LIVE Updates, eighth Phase 7th May Parliamentary Constituency Updates, Phase 8 Lok Sabha Elections Voting Patterns Live, Parliamentary Election Voting Percentage Live Coverage 2014 leadtech 12918

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