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Swaraj Party (AAP Breakaway) to contest 2017 assembly elections in Punjab, 2017 Assembly polls, Punjab 2017 Assembly polls, Punjab, Manjit Singh, Yogendra Yadav, Swaraj Lehar , Swaraj Abhiyan

Swaraj Party (AAP Breakaway) to contest 2017 assembly elections in Punjab, 2017 Assembly polls, Punjab 2017 Assembly polls, Punjab,  Manjit Singh, Yogendra Yadav, Swaraj Lehar , Swaraj Abhiyan

The three-cornered contest in the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections (SAD-BJP, Congress and AAP) has got a new entrant.

After months of deliberations, Swaraj Lehar or Swaraj Abhiyan, the breakaway group of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Punjab on Sunday announced the formation of Swaraj Party to contest assembly elections in Punjab next year.

The announcement came after a convention in Chandigarh on Sunday in which a large number of delegates of Swaraj Lehar, from all over Punjab, unanimously passed a resolution for the formation of the political outfit, namely Swaraj Party with professor (retired) Manjit Singh as its president.

Manjit Singh said Swaraj Party will be a state level party. The national level Swaraj Party under Yogendra Yadav will be formed at a later stage. Taking into account its limited resources, manpower and fund, the Swaraj Party will contest only on a few seats in Punjab Assembly elections. The party will not go for any alliance with other parties and will not compromise on its policies and principles.

Talking about the objectives of the Swaraj Party, Manjit Singh said it would truly be based on the principles of Swaraj. According to Article II of the party constitution, passed in the convention, Swaraj underlined fighting all sorts of exclusion, discrimination and domination.

The party will have transparency, democracy and accountability. The party will make every effort to bring marginalized sections to the central stage both in terms of organizational structure and in prioritizing issues for political action.

On the surface, Swaraj party looks like a replica of the AAP, with the same ideals and principles. But Manjit Singh assures that the Swaraj Party will be different from AAP and all other existing parties in the country. It will be committed to fight for a corruption-free society. It will work for free education, free health and medical services and a debt-free rural Punjab.

The party will stick to the Constitution that asserts autonomy in public affairs and grants due space to conflicting interests in Punjab. Speculation had been rife for some time that the Swaraj Lehar was working on an agenda for the formation of a political party to be able to contest elections in Punjab. Lehar has also prepared a party constitution.

The newly formed party will fight for the implementation of the riparian principles on the distribution of river waters of Punjab. The party is determined to make Punjab drugs-free and take care of the environment protection, said Singh.

He also showed a copy of the letter sent by suspended AAP MP from Patiala, Dharamvira Gandhi from Patiala congratulating Swaraj Lehar for the formation of the Swaraj Party. In the letter, he stated that the other national political parties had failed to live up to the people’s expectations, but the new political entity promises hope. Another suspended AAP MP, Harender Singh Khalsa has also welcomed the Lehar’s move, said Singh.


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