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Leadtech Voter Information Management System VIMS Political Opinion Poll Survey App

Leadtech Voter Information Management System VIMS Political Opinion Poll Survey App

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We conduct comprehensive door to door surveys and opinion polls to assess the current scenario of the client in their assembly/parliamentary and prepare successful political strategies which enables them in taking the right decisions towards increasing their vote share. 

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Opinion Polls Survey

The entire opinion poll survey process can be categorized into three steps.

  1. Step 1: Questionnaire Preparation:A questionnaire commonly called as the ‘Survey Form’ is prepared, taking care the requirements of the client. Initially, a survey form is created after a complete research of the assembly/parliamentary area and rigorous discussions with the client. In general there are questions related to the following:

  2. Trends: Questions to collect the information about the current political trends or situations of political leader and party in the assembly/parliamentary.

  • Issues: Research based to collect the major issues which affect the people face daily. These could be issues related to medical facilities, local infrastructure, basic needs, employment, etc.
  • Party Workers: Research to collect the numbers of party workers in the assigned assembly/parliamentary.
  • Caste equations: Research to collect thecaste statistics in the assigned assembly/parliamentary. These statistics help the political leader to identify their vote share in the area.

  • Step 2: Sample Data Collection:A team of surveyors/investigators under the supervision of a project manager initiate the exhaustive survey process to collect a specific percentage of sample data from all polling booths. This process though variable takes on an average of 15-20 days depending on the size of assembly/parliamentary. The collected data is the then organized and sent for the technical team for verification and analysis.
  • Step 3: Data analysis & report generation: The statisticians further organize the collected data and prepare the statistics for analysis. These statistics are then analyzed and a final report is prepared for the client. The final reports consist of graphs and comments/advice of statisticians on the same.

The advantages of VIMS Apps for ‘Door to door’ surveys:

  • Right after step 1 ‘The Questionnaire Creation’ the questions are fed to the VIMS Data Collection App(Opinion Polls), making all the questions accessible to the surveyors/investigators spread across the assembly on their android mobile phones/tablets.
  • Easy Data Collection: The questionnaire comes in a very minimal and clean UI to make it easy for the surveyors/investigators to interact and collect the data with 100% accuracy.
    • Real-time Data Collection: All the data is sent directly to the central database from the multiple devices, as soon as they upload it. Thus, saving the time and money as there is no need for data entry and the data remains accurate by removing the possibility of human errors.
    • Real-time Survey Status: The client can view the status of data collection of the on his VIMS Data Management App(Opinion Polls) while the investigators are on the field to collect the data from the respondents.
    • Eco-Friendly: The door to door survey’s are conducted at a very large scale thus, the old methods require humongous amounts of paper to be used, by using VIMS Data Collection App(Opinion Polls) lakhs of printed sheets can be avoided in every door to door survey.

  • After the Step 3, along with the door to door survey reports we provide the VIMS Data Management App(Opinion Polls) to our clientele completely free of cost,  to make the best use of the collected data.  All the survey reports can be viewed in our beautifully hand tailored android application, enabling the clientele to access reports on the go during the busy the political campaigns.

Salient Features:

  • Volunteers – View the contact details of all volunteers in the area.
  • Caste distribution – View the castes distribution in the area anytime.
  • Issues and Trends - View the issues and the trends of the given area.

  • Previous Election Results – Check the results of the last elections anytime.

The VIMS Data Management App(Opinion Polls)  is one the best election campaign management applications, available. Especially hand tailored for the client, VIMS Data Management App(Opinion Polls) gives access to all the relevant data of the assembly/parliamentary in easy to understand statistical forms.

Get a survey done today to get the VIMSapps for Opinion PollsforFREE*

* We can also manage the data if provided by the client at a price of Rs 50,000 only


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