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Bhiwani- Mahendragarh Parliamentary Constituency 2019, Bhiwani- Mahendragarh Lok sabha Constituency Details, Political News Bhiwani- Mahendragarh, Haryana Lok Sabha Elections 2019 News Updates, Haryana Parliamentary Constituency details 2019

Historical background about the Constituency:

Formed as recently as in 2008, as per the Delimitation Commission’s notifications, the Bhiwani- Mahendragarh Lok Sabha seat is one of the 10 parliamentary constituencies in the Northern Indian state of Haryana.

It has been one of the most historically relevant regions in the country as Gandhiji launched a number of his freedom movements from here, gearing the nation against strong anti-colonial forces. The Bhiwani Mahendragarh Parliamentary constituency (constituency number 8) has a total of 1,212,513 electorates out of which 566,063 are females and 646,450 are males according to Election Commission of India 2009 reports. Thus this constituency, which accounted for around eight lakh voters in its first Lok Sabha elections fought in 2009, has been a Congress bastion from the earliest times.

Assembly Segments:
The Bhiwani-Mahendragarh constituency covers more than one district, as the nine assembly segments, which comprise it are scattered over many regions. While five of the assembly segments of Loharu, Badhra, Dadri, Bhiwani and Tosham belong to the Bhiwani district, the remaining four assembly constituencies cover the entire district of Mahendragarh. This constituency covers the whole district of Mahendragarh and a major portion of the Bhiwani district.

Names of Assembly Constituencies:
Loharu Badhra Dadri
Bhiwani Tosham Ateli
Mahendragarh Narnaul Nangal Chaudhry

About Bhiwani- Mahendragarh:

Though, the region of this Lok Sabha constituency has a considerably rich agrarian economy, the two districts of Bhiwani and Mahendragarh have some small scale industries which are the backbone of the economy. However, this constituency has been announced as one of the most backward regions in Haryana, receiving regular funds from the Government of India under the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGFP).

Present Political Scenario:

Former CM, Bansilal’s grand daughter and sitting Congress MP, Shruti Chaudhary is in trouble here. BJP has nominated recently joined Congress MLA, Dharambir Singh, who has considerable clout in this region.
 Caste Arithmetic 
This could well be a three-cornered fight, Apart from Jats, Aroras and Khatri voters play a crucial role here (4-5 lakh votes).

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