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About the Constituency:

Mizoram parliamentary constituency, reserved for the ST category, is the only constituency of the state of Mizoram and it was formed prior to the 1971 elections. The total number of electorates in the Mizoram Lok Sabha Constituency (constituency number 1) according to Election Commission of India 2009 reports are 629,374 of which 311,147 are males and 318,227 are females.

 Assembly Sements:

Names of Assembly Constituencies

Hachhek (ST)

Aizawl West-I (ST)

Hrangturzo (ST)

Dampa (ST)

Aizawl West-II (ST)

South Tuipui (ST)

Mamit (ST)

Aizawl West-III (ST)

Lunglei North (ST)

Tuirial (ST)

Aizawl South-I (ST)

Lunglei East (ST)

Kolasib (ST)

Aizawl South-II (ST)

Lunglei West (ST)

Serlui (ST)

Aizawl South-III (ST)

Lunglei South (ST)

Tuivawl (ST)

Lengteng (ST)

Thorang (ST)

Chalfilh (ST)

Tuichang (ST)

West Tuipui (ST)

Tawi (ST)

Champhai North (ST)

Tuichawng (ST)

Aizawl North-I (ST)

Champhai South (ST)

Lawngtlai West (ST)

Aizawl North-II (ST)

East Tuipui (ST)

Lawngtlai East (ST)

Aizawl North-III (ST)

Serchhip (ST)

Saiha (ST)

Aizawl East-I

Tuikum (ST)

Palak (ST)

Aizawl East-II (ST)

Mizoram was declared a state in the year 1987 with Aizawl as its capital. It is located in the extreme eastern end of the country bound by Tripura, Manipur and Assam and also by Bangladesh and Myanmar. Several renowned schools and colleges have been established here over the years affiliated to the Mizoram University. Due to lack of means of communication and resources, Mizoram has been unable to advance in terms of more contemporary industries. The state depends primarily on agriculture with almost 70% of the population engaged in this industry.

The state has a population of over 10,00,000 of which 50% consists of males. The sex ratio of Mizoram is 976 females per 1,000 males, higher than the national average. Several tribes reside here, linked to each other via their culture or language, collectively referred to as Mizos. Over 85% of the population follows Christianity. It is the second most urbanized state in the country with 22 listed towns. Mizoram boasts of a literacy rate of 91.33%, second to only Kerala in India and also scores above 93% in sanitation.

Campaigning Strategies

The BJP has been raising the issue of illegal migration from Bangladesh as its main agenda. While the BJP is trying hard to win the seat by high lighting its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, the Congress wants to win by concentrating on local issues. One of the major developments in the state has been the Mizo National Front’s strategy to form a united front opposition against the Indian National Congress. In fact, eight opposition parties have joined hands to form a united opposition, including MNF, MPC, ZNP, MDF, NCP, HPC, PTC, and BJP. The alliance is named UDF or the United Democratic Front.

A Look: Sitting MP

Name of MP

C. L. Ruala



Nature of Membership



18-May-09 to In office

Political Party

Indian National Congress



Educational Qualification

Post Graduate

Performance in the 15th Lok Sabha

Debates participated


Private member bills passed


Questions asked




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