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Factual information about Haryana assembly election

Factual information about Haryana assembly election

With all the Ups and down in different political parties, finally, all the parties have declared their candidates. In the last few days, there have been lots of changes was observed in different parties. Congress in the last phase has changed their CLP leader and state president.

While in the BJP there were several MLAs and 2 Ministers who were denied for the ticket which has made the MLAs party worker angry and turn them against the party but still the wave is in favour of BJP to form the government.

However, it was also believed that JJP and INLD can contest election together in upcoming days but nothing as such has happened both are contesting their own. However, it is believed that it may harm more to INLD in comparison to JJP as they have nothing to lose.

Apart from this, it was seen that many of prominent leaders has quit their parties to join hands with the opposition to increase their chances to win the seat.


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So, as the days will pass in Haryana, the election will become more complicated as no party want to leave any loophole to grab the seat.

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