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AAP wants supporters to opt for NOTA


Chandigarh:Refuting rumours that it was supporting particular political parties or candidates, the AAP Sunday asked its supporters to opt for the NOTA (none of the above) button on electronic voting machines for Wednesday's assembly elections in Haryana.

"The AAP has made it clear that people should vote for any good candidate who works for the welfare of society. If there is no good candidate available, voters should opt for NOTA. They should not vote for any tainted candidate," the Aam Aadmi Party said in a statement.

The AAP, which is not contesting any of the 90 assembly seats, made it clear that it had not extended support to any political party or candidate. AAP Haryana's chief spokesman Rajeev Godara said rumours were being spread on certain assembly seats that the AAP was supporting particular parties and candidates.  "The AAP has not extended support to any party or candidate," he said.

"AAP is not against any particular political party but is opposed to all parties. The AAP has released a list of 26 tainted candidates who are contesting the assembly elections and has urged voters not to cast their votes for these candidates," he added.


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