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Gujarat Rajkot civic by-polls: BJP wins both seats

Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has won both seats of Rajkot Municipal Corporation that went for by-poll on 19 April.

BJP candidate Kishorbhai Parmar has won ward number 19 by margin of 1750 votes while BJP candidate Bhanuben Talaviya has won ward number 20 seat by margin of 3636 votes.

By-election for Rajkot Municipal Corporation(RMC) ward no. 19 and 20 and 37 vacant seats of 12 municipalities were scheduled on 19 April 2015.

Municipalities that witnessed by-polls were Jasdan, Morbi, Anand, Visnagar, Valsad, Deesa, Vanthli, Keshod, Veraval paten, Dabhoi, Karjan, and Bhachau.

Bhachau(Kutch) had by-eleciton on 17 seats while Karjan(central Gujarat) had by-poll on 6 seats. Other municipalities had by-poll on 1, 2 or 3 seats.

Other results:

BJP wins Keshod(ward 10 Arvind Manvar) , Dabhoi(Jignesh Vasava), Visnagar(ward 11 Manish Patel), Anand(Sachin Patel with 4100 margin), Morbi(both seats), Bhachau(all 11 seats).

Congress candidate Dhiru Chhayani won ward number 7 bypoll in Jasdan by 10 votes. Congress candidate Salim Kharwa won Vanthli municipality ward number 5 bypoll. In Veraval Prabhas Patan independent candidate won 1 seat.

BJP President reacts:

Gujarat BJP President RC Faldu today expressed pleasure over BJP’s major victory in local body by-polls. Faldu said BJP will not gain even slightest of arrogance due to this victory. The party will take it as responsibility given by people. He said this is defeat of Congress party’s politics which is full of negativity. He said this is victory of BJP’s development politics which includes all classes.

Faldu said election was scheduled for 37 seats and BJP had in the past only 7 seats of them while 30 seats were with Congress. Today after the results BJP has 33 seats while Congress has only 4 seats.

It should be mentioned that BJP has won 11 seats unopposed while Congress 1. Polling was held for 24 seats. Of them BJP has won 21 seats while Congress 3. Bypoll on one seat in Deesa was canceled as no candidate had filed nomination form.


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