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Top Best Political Election Campaign Management Companies Firms India

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Leadtech is the topmost Political Campaign Management Companies Firms India. It provides Political Campaign Management, Election Campaign Management, Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Campaign Management and Political Campaigning for Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections.

We also Provide  Voter Relationship Management (VRM) software and Mobile App. It contains all minute level details of the study in one place. We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Instead of promising a hypothetical winning formula we equip our clients with tools and services to manage their day to day activities and help them in thorough and meticulous preparation for elections. This approach enables them to get a crystal clear picture of their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be improved upon.


Aspects of Political Campaign Management

  1. Data Collection – Data collection is an integral part of an election campaign and marketing of your party. The political campaign management service firms like us do this in a detailed and integrated manner.
  2. Political Software Availability – Our software services can be used for enhanced data analytics. This will help in the better understanding of the demographics and constituency management. As a result, we will have a better knowledge of how to proceed with the political campaign management process.
  3. Campaign Personalization – You can even personalize and customize the election campaign as per your needs and necessities through the help of our team of experts. As a result, voters may be targeted in a personalized manner.
  4. Better Reach –The better reach is achieved through the use of the various types of campaigning processes and their management. This enables your party to have a robust as well as enhanced reach over the target and potential voters.
  5. Reasonable Pricing of the Campaigning – We avail you the advantage of cheap and reasonable political campaign management services. Our services are quite reasonable and pocket-friendly. Campaigning is essential, and you should invest in it for better opportunities to win elections.
  6. Target Voters Involvement in the Campaigning – The political campaign service team from our domain facilitates this service for you. Through the engagement of the voters in the campaigning process, you can better connect with them.
  7. Door-To-Door Campaigning – This is a conventional form but still a widely used and effective method. our team can enable to you better facilitation of this process. This is an integral way of campaigning in the rural areas of the country.
  8. Mobile-Friendly E-Campaigning – We have some beneficial aspects like the mobile-friendly nature of the election campaigning and marketing of your party. This is a method of digital campaigning that can bring a lot of impacts as the mobile device is common and is owned by the majority of the country’s population.

Election Political Campaign Management Details Methodology

Methodology: A field research will be carried out in the constituency at the Polling Booth level. 

The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters:

Political Developmental aspects:

1. Image of the Leaders Political Campaigning

2. Image of the Parties

3. Election Opinion Poll

4. Important Issues.

5. Party Network.

6. Caste Equation

7. Overall Ranking and Satisfaction


Political Consultants Details

Vivek Singh Bagri

Director ,

Leadtech Management Consulting P L, Gurgaon

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