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Election Management

Leadtech proposes to start a new initiative to bridge the gap between voters and political leader or political parties by start working with party workers at the grass-root level. The major objective of the project is to start target campaign to create a wave in favour of the client.

When elections are near then which all services should a leader prefer:-

  1. A leader may go for a Political Survey/Constituency Profiling and may take corrective steps based on the survey to improve his image and take care of strong and weak both accordingly.
  2. A leader may then go for an Opinion poll/Exit poll to judge the current mood of voters before elections and act accordingly.
  3. If leaders want to have a rough analysis of their voters demographic like caste equation, age-wise voters, ward-wise voters then we also provide voter list managed in a Voter Management Software to them. Click here for more info.
  4. And finally to run a massive campaign and create a wave in this favour we offer following elections campaign management services.

Miscellaneous Services During Election Campaign Management :


The salient features of the project are as following:


1.   Representative Initiatives to Keep in Touch with Specific Agenda

2    Bulk SMS - We will send bulk SMS to all the voters of the constituency as a part of a campaign for the candidate or party to spread the message faster and targeted

3    Voice Call - Candidate voice would be recorded and then aired into voters.

4    War Room - War Room would be set up for the leader.

5    Tracking Opinion Poll - Opinion Poll will be tracked till last minute to judge the voter's mood.

6    Mobilization of Party Workers - Part Workers would be mobilised

7    Call Center - Call Center would be set up.

8    Social Digital Media and e-Campaigning through web Profiling of the Leader

To get a Detailed proposal of the services please contact our representatives  

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