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STV Opinion poll: SNP on course to win EVERY Scottish seat at general election, STV / Ipsos Mori Opinion Poll, Scottish general election

STV Opinion poll: SNP on course to win EVERY Scottish seat at general election

The SNP is on course to take every seat in Scotland at the general election, according to the latest STV News poll.

A survey on voter intention showed 54% are set to back Nicola Sturgeon's party on May 7, up two points since January.

Based on the findings of the latest poll conducted by Ipsos-MORI , the Electoral Calculus website suggests that the SNP could win all 59 Scottish seats up for grabs. Other electoral calculators project Labour and the Liberal Democrats saving one seat each.

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The SNP has increased their lead over Labour to 34 points in the survey. Jim Murphy's party could face electoral wipeout north of the border, with their vote down four points to only 20%.

STV / Ipsos Mori Opinion Poll


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Lib Dem




The Conservatives have increased their share by five points to 17% in the survey.

Support for the Liberal Democrats has increased one point to 5% and the Green Party is down two percentage points at 2%. UKIP polls at one percent with support for other parties also at one percent.

The poll found 80% of the Scottish electorate are certain to vote, five points down on the turnout at the referendum on Scottish independence last September and 16 points up on the percentage of Scots that voted in the last general election in 2010 (64%).

SNP’s deputy leader Stewart Hosie said: "The SNP's message to everyone in Scotland - people who voted No last year, as well as those who voted Yes, and people who are considering voting SNP for the first time - is that together we can unite to make Scotland stronger and the UK more progressive.

"By voting SNP, we can make Scotland's voice heard like never before.

"This record poll shows that our positive campaign to make Scotland stronger at Westminster by electing a team of SNP MPs is gaining momentum, but we are working hard for every vote because we take absolutely nothing for granted.

"More anti-Tory MPs than Tory MPs in the House of Commons means that we can lock David Cameron out of Downing Street - so voting SNP delivers a strong voice for Scotland and progressive policies for the whole UK, including an end to cuts."

Scottish Labour leader, interviewed on Sky News, claimed the poll was "fantastic news for David Cameron". He said: "Let the pollsters poll & let the voters vote next week."

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said: "With a week to go before we vote, this poll shows that the Scottish Conservatives are the pro-UK party which has won the arguments in the campaign and is now gaining support.

"People in Scotland have had a good look at Labour and the LibDems over the last five weeks. They appear to have been left unimpressed and have now decided against them. The question facing pro-UK supporters in Scotland is why join a sinking ship?"

The findings are based on a survey of 1071 respondents aged over 18 conducted by telephone between April 22 and 27, 2015. The survey asked respondents how they would vote if there were a Westminster election tomorrow.


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