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Labour Leads Tories In New Election Poll, UK opinion poll, General election opinion poll,UK General Election Opinion poll

UK General Election Opinion poll: Labour Leads Tories In New Election Poll
Daily Mirror poll Projection For UK general Election








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Labour is leading the Tories by 3% in a new poll by Panelbase. The poll of 1012 adults saw Labour on 34%, the Conservatives on 31%, UKIP on 17%, the Liberal Democrats on 7% and the Greens on 4%.

The Panelbase survey comes after we reported the Survation/Daily Mirror poll, showing Labour support had fallen below 30% for the first time since campaigning began.

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According to that poll Ed Miliband's party is on 29% - down four points from 17 April.

The poll puts the Tories four ahead on 33% despite dropping a point themselves.

The Liberal Democrats scooped the extra support - up three to 10%, while UKIP were also up one to 18%.

A separate ComRes survey for ITV News and the Daily Mail also put Labour four points below the Conservatives, despite being above the 30% mark.

It gave the Conservatives 36%, Labour 32%, UKIP 10%, the Lib Dems 8% and Greens 5%.

The Sky News poll of polls has Conservatives on 33%, Labour on 33%, UKIP on 14% and the Lib Dems on 8%.


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