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Modi wave in Maharashtra, Haryana; will do a Dhoom II: Maharashtra election news updates, Maharashtra political news, latest and political news 2014

Modi wave in Maharashtra, Haryana; will do a Dhoom II: Prakash Javadekar


New Delhi, (IANS) With exit polls predicting a BJP victory in Maharashtra and Haryana, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar Friday said the polls predicted "clearly a Modi wave" and that the ruling party was going to do a "Dhoom II" success story in the two states.

Speaking to media persons at the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia, Javadekar said "the overall prediction of exit polls has shown clearly a Modi wave", and added that "if the Lok Saba elections was a "Dhoom" then this is "Dhoom II".  "It (victory streak) is being continued in the same vein," he said referring to the hugely popular Bollywood film "Dhoom" and its equally super-hit sequel.

Javadekar said that the election results are "all about the aspirations of the poor" who want to better their lives and those of their children and not be treated as a vote bank any longer. 

"The elections are about the changing psychology of the poor who don't want to remain poor any longer. They want to live with dignity.. There is a new change in Indian society. Modi reflects their aspirations.. People want a government that can deliver, will deliver on promises and give good governance," he said.

He said in these assembly elections people are not looking to vote according to "caste and other smaller things they used to earlier".  The minister said that the public participation campaign launched by the Narendra Modi government "is changing mindsets and transforming India".

Referring to the Swachch Bharat Clean India campaign, he said it was not just to clean India but the "changing the way we live".

He said under earlier governments the model was that "everything will be done by the government" but now Prime Minister Modi is changing mindsets through public participation.  "People are becoming active agents of change which India needs".

On the economic front, he said the government had "showcased its vision" in the budget and that the petrol prices had come down by Rs.8 and diesel was also set to come down by Rs.2-3, "which shows the government wants to pass on all benefits to consumers".

Javadekar said since the government came in to power in May "all departments have started taking decisions, based on policies", which, he said, should not be referred to as merely clearing of files.

He claimed that under the Modi government "there is fresh thinking in all departments". "The prime minister takes pains in giving confidence to the bureaucracy. He spent four-five hours with each minister and secretary and discussed all issues relating to the ministry," he added.

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