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Election 2014 Exit Poll: Which Giants won, who lost, Special seats of Maharashtra to the exit poll, Haryana seats estimate of the special ,Maharashtra Exit poll, Haryana Exit Poll,VIP Exit Poll,Which Giants won, who lost,

Election 2014 Exit Poll: Which Giants won, who lost

maharashtra ViP Haryana Exit poll

Haryana and Maharashtra exit poll after voting for the election continues. Exit Polls: BJP victories in both states is visible. Many veterans of the future is at stake in this election. IBN-Axis and ABP-Nielsen exit poll results has these special seats. The mane of the exit poll results surprise in the two states may appear. Many veteran could lose his seat. Know, What is the latest big names ... 

Special seats of Maharashtra to the exit poll 

Survey of Axis IBN: 

  • Solapur - thereby Shinde (Congress) - may lose 
  • Vest- Bandra Baba Siddhki (Congress) - can defeat 
  • Karad South -Prithviraj Chauhan (Congress) - can win 
  • Kalina - KS Singh (Congress) - can defeat 
  • Bandra West - Ashish Shailar (BJP) - can win 
  • Nagpur - Devendra Fnnvis (BJP) - can win 
  • Baramati - Ajit Pawar (NCP ) - can win 
  • Parli - pankaja Munde (BJP) - can win 
  • Mankhurd - Abu Azmi (Samajwadi Party) - can defeat
  • Shivdi- Ajay Chaudhary (Sena) - can win 
  • Andheri East - Ramesh hanging (Sena) - can win the 

ABP Nielsen survey: 

  • Karad South - Prithviraj Chavan (Congress) - are in difficult 
  • Borivali - Vinod Tawde (BJP) - Let's win 
  • Warli-Sachin Ahir (NCP) - can defeat 
  • Jalgaon City - Suresh Jain (Shiv Sena) - can defeat 
  • Baykla- Geeta Gawli (ABS) - can win 
  • Nandurbar- Vijay Gavit (BJP) - can win 
  • Amravati Badnera - Rao Saheb Shekhawat (Congress) - can defeat
  • Srigonda - Baban Pavpute (BJP) - can defeat 
  • Shirdi- RV Patil (Congress) - can win 
  • Thane City- Sanjay Kelkar (BJP) - can win. 

Haryana seats estimate of the special 

Survey of IBN-Axis: 

  • Kaithal - Randeep Surjewala (Congress) - can defeat 
  • Hisar- Savitri Jindal (Congress) - may lose 
  • Nalwa - Mohan (Acjesi) - can defeat 
  • Narnaud - Capt Abhimanyu (BJP) - can defeat 
  • Sirsa- Gopal Kanda (Independent) - can defeat 

ABP Nielsen survey:

  • Admpur- Kuldeep Bishnoi (Acjesi) - live at No. 
  • ellenabad - Abhay Chautala (INLD) - Fierce competition winning
  •  Narnaud- Capt Abhimanyu (BJP) - can win 
  • Kaithal - Randeep Surjewala (Congress) - can win 
  • Nlwa- Mohan (Acjesi) - can defeat 
  • Ambala City-Vinod Sharma (Acjepi) - can win


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