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List of Chief Minister of Nagaland, Chief Ministers of Nagaland till date, All CM of Nagaland till date, Names of all Chief Ministers duration Nagaland

List of Chief Ministers of Nagaland:Present CM of all states

No Name Term of office Party
1 P. Shilu Ao 1-Dec-63 14-Aug-66 Naga Nationalist Organisation
2 T.N. Angami 14-Aug-66 22-Feb-69
3 Hokishe Sema 22-Feb-69 26-Feb-74
4 Vizol Angami 26-Feb-74 10-Mar-75 United Democratic Front
5 John Bosco Jasokie 10-Mar-75 20-Mar-75 Naga National Democratic Party
Vacant 20-Mar-75 25-Nov-77 N/A
(President's rule)
-4 Vizol Angami 25-Nov-77 18-Apr-80 United Democratic Front
6 S. C. Jamir 18-Apr-80 5-Jun-80 United Democratic Front—Progressive
-5 John Bosco Jasokie 5-Jun-80 18-Nov-82 Naga National Democratic Party
-6 S. C. Jamir 18-Nov-82 28-Oct-86 United Democratic Front—Progressive
-3 Hokishe Sema 29-Oct-86 7-Aug-88 Indian National Congress
Vacant 7-Aug-88 25-Jan-89 N/A
(President's rule)
-6 S. C. Jamir 25-Jan-89 10-May-90 Indian National Congress
7 K. L. Chishi 16-May-90 19-Jun-90 Indian National Congress
8 Vamuzo Phesao 19-Jun-90 2-Apr-92 Nagaland People's Council
Vacant 2-Apr-92 22-Feb-93 N/A
(President's rule)
-6 S. C. Jamir 22-Feb-93 6-Mar-03 Indian National Congress
9 Neiphiu Rio 6-Mar-03 3-Jan-08 Nagaland People's Front
Vacant 3-Jan-08 12-Mar-08 N/A
(President's rule)
-9 Neiphiu Rio 12-Mar-08 24-May-14 Nagaland People's Front
10 T. R. Zeliang 24-May-14 8-Mar-18
11 Neiphiu Rio 8-Mar-18 Incumbent Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party

 last updated 27 feb 2015


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