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Factsheet on Haryana Assembly Elections

Factsheet on Haryana Assembly


Single-phase assembly elections will be held in Haryana on 21 October and the BJP will take on the Congress-led opposition to retain power in the state. The counting of votes will be taken up on October 24.

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The assembly elections are the first after Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the BJP to power at the Centre for a second term.

The government's decision to abrogate Article 370 provisions, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, is among the BJP campaign's key themes for the assembly polls.

According to the opinion poll which was conducted between 16 Sep to 16 Oct where 29,550 voters’ poll were taken states that, BJP is projected to get a landslide victory in Haryana, the BJP is expected to bag 79-87 seats in the 90-member Assembly, while the Congress is projected to get only between 1 and 7.

Region-wise, the BJP is expected to get 25 seats from Ahirwal, 16 from Bagar, 16 from Jatland and 26 from Kurukshetra, according to the pre-poll survey.

The Congress is expected to bag 2 seats from Ahirwal and just one from Jatland.

However, there was also a noticing point found in Haryana that voters want BJP to lead their state but as a face of CM Manohar Lal khattar is less preferred.

Modi 4th Rally for the October 21 polls in Sonipat referred to abrogation of Article 370, asked the gathering, “You know what happened on August 5? what no one could have imagined.
On August 5, India's Constitution in entirety became applicable in J-K said, Modi.

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He said while his government took the decision in the national interest, "but Congress and parties like them cannot understand the sentiments of people. “However, he also added, both Hooda and his son Deepender Singh Hooda lost the Lok Sabha polls from Sonipat and Rohtak parliamentary constituencies, respectively.

The prime minister also referred to Sonipat as a land of "Kisan, jawans and pehalwans".

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