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Leadtech Political Reputation Management Online Offline Strategies for Politicians Across India

Leadtech Political Reputation Management Online Offline Strategies for Politicians Across India

Leadtech Political Reputation Management Online Offline Strategies for Politicians Across India, How Reputation Management Promotes A Successful Political Career, how to learn about the importance of Online Reputation Management for Politicians, how to do campaigning for the politicians, door to door and opinion poll survey strategies for the politicians online and offline.


Arguably politicians have one of the most exhausting, intricate professions. They are expected to be invariably present in the public eye. They are wholly responsible for their constituents. The public always keeps an eye on the leaders, thus the opposition constantly critiques the current government to damage the image of the candidate in the eyes of the people. The politicians who are elected always have to work on their image to make sure that they don’t lose their supporters, while the other candidates constantly work to increase their vote share by increasing their popularity or just damaging the opponent’s reputation.

            We at Leadtech Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd, leave no stone unturned to increase the vote share of our clientele. We first conduct comprehensive door to door surveys and opinion polls to first analyze the popularity our clients. Based on the data analysis of these surveys we prepare complete strategies for the election campaigns. Following are the few services we maintain the political reputation of the clients.

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The political reputations process can be basically classified into two categories:

  • Offline Reputation Managementreputationimage

    • Surveys: We conduct comprehensive door to door surveys/opinion polls to assess the image of the client. The questionnaire for the surveys are prepared to gather all the important data in the assembly like issues affecting the day to day life of the people. These issues could be related to the infrastructure of the assembly, availability of hospitals, drinking water availability. We also collect the information of all the political party volunteers and data to analyze the caste demographics. Detailed reports are prepared after the statistical analysis to the make the data

  • Issue Solving Strategy: Our polity experts prepare political strategies based on the survey reports of the door to door surveys/opinion polls for our clientele to resolve the issues of the people and increase or maintain their image amongst the people in the assembly.

  • Below the line marketing: Creation and distribution of pamphlets, banners, appeal letters, etc to keep our clientele in the public eye and spread awareness amongst the people about the accomplishments of the clients.

  • War Rooms: One of our premium services, we dedicate a team of experts to the client for the whole election campaign, they conduct rigorous war room sessions and prepare the most effective strategies to increase the popularity of the client helping them win the elections.

  • Online Reputation Management

  • SDM Marketing: We manage all the social media handles to increase the popularity of our clients. We create social media strategies and post all kinds of media (articles, videos, images) across all the popular platforms. We also do bulk IVR calling, text messaging, WhatsApp messaging. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that the candidate always remains in the public’s eyes.

  • Online Surveys: We also conduct online surveys to collect the data samples, to assess the popularity of the clients.

  • Website Development & Mini Web Preparation: We provide web development services, to spread the online presence of the candidates.

  • Search Engines promotions: We also manage the pay per clicks search engine campaigns to further increase the online presence and make sure that all the voters are aware of the candidate, his works in the assembly and above all why they should choose him/her over all the other candidates.



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