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Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2018, Constituency Wise Mizoram Election Result 2018, Constituency Wise Mizoram assembly Election Result 2018, Mizoram Assembly Election result 2018, Mizoram Election result 2018, Mizoram Assembly Election Result with a vote margin

Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018 Constituency Wise Results

Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018 Constituency Wise will be announced on 11 December 2018. You can get here updated news as it is declared.

The legislative assembly election was held on 28 November 2018 to elect members of the 40 constituencies in Mizoram.

The voter turnout for the Mizoram assembly elections has increased by up to 80% by 9 pm. This figure can also rise further. This is because the data from the remote areas are still waiting.


Mizoram Elections Result 2018 Party Wise

Mizoram Elections Result 2018 Constituency Wise



Constituency Const. No. Leading Candidate Leading Party Trailing Candidate Trailing Party Margin Status
Aizawl North - i 10 VANLALHLANA Independent LALRINGLIANA Mizo National Front 1165 Result Declared
Aizawl East - i 13 ZORAMTHANGA Mizo National Front K SAPDANGA Independent 2504 Result Declared
Aizawl East ii 14 ROBERT ROMAWIA ROYTE Mizo National Front B LALCHHANZOVA Independent 1492 Result Declared
Aizawl North - ii 11 VANLALTHLANA Independent LALTLANZOVA KHIANGTE Mizo National Front 1801 Result Declared
Aizawl North-iii 12 C LALMUANPUIA Mizo National Front LAL THANZARA Indian National Congress 434 Result Declared
Aizawl South i 18 C. LALSAWIVUNGA Independent K. LIANTLINGA Mizo National Front 1049 Result Declared
Aizawl South ii 19 LALCHHUANTHANGA Independent DENGHMINGTHANGA Mizo National Front 179 Result Declared
Aizawl South-iii 20 F. LALNUNMAWIA Mizo National Front K.S THANGA Indian National Congress 2088 Result Declared
Aizawl West i 15 LALDUHOMA Independent K. SANGTHUAMA Mizo National Front 1060 Result Declared
Aizawl West ii 16 LALRUATKIMA Mizo National Front DR. LALMALSAWMA NGHAKA Indian National Congress 2720 Result Declared
Aizawl West iii 17 V.L. ZAITHANZAMA Independent VANLALZAWMA Mizo National Front 1026 Result Declared
Chalfilh 8 LALRINLIANA SAILO Mizo National Front F. RUALHLEIA Independent 1007 Result Declared
Champhai North 23 DR ZR.THIAMSANGA Mizo National Front T.T. ZOTHANSANGA Indian National Congress 1093 Result Declared
Champhai South 24 T.J LALNUNTLUANGA Mizo National Front LAL THANHAWLA Indian National Congress 1049 Result Declared
Dampa 2 LALRINTLUANGA SAILO Mizo National Front LALROBIAKA Indian National Congress 1657 Result Declared
East tuipui 25 RAMTHANMAWIA Mizo National Front C.LALTANPUIA Independent 587 Result Declared
Hachhek 1 LALRINDIKA RALTE Indian National Congress LALRINENGA SAILO Mizo National Front 366 Result Declared
Hrangturzo 28 LALCHAMLIANA Mizo National Front VANLALAWMPUII CHAWNGTHU Indian National Congress 757 Result Declared
Kolasib 5 K. LALRINLIANA Mizo National Front LALFAMKIMA Independent 279 Result Declared
Lawngtlai East 38 H. BIAKZAUA Mizo National Front H. ZOTHANGLIANA Indian National Congress 944 Result Declared
Lawngtlai West 37 C. NGUNLIANCHUNGA Indian National Congress C. RAMHLUNA Mizo National Front 795 Result Declared
Lengteng 21 L.THANGMAWIA Mizo National Front H.ROHLUNA Indian National Congress 1772 Result Declared
Lunglei East 31 LAWMAWMA TOCHHAWNG Mizo National Front LALRINPUII Independent 72 Result Declared
Lunglei North 30 VANLALTANPUIA Mizo National Front V MALSAWMTLUANGA Independent 395 Result Declared
Lunglei South 33 K PACHHUNGA Mizo National Front R LALNUNTHARA Indian National Congress 2441 Result Declared
Lunglei West 32 C.LALRINSANGA Mizo National Front CHALROSANGA RALTE Indian National Congress 77 Result Declared
Mamit 3 H. LALZIRLIANA Mizo National Front JOHN ROTLUANGLIANA Indian National Congress 407 Result Declared
Palak 40 K.T. ROKHAW Indian National Congress M. CHAKHU Mizo National Front 844 Result Declared
Serchhip 26 LALDUHOMA Independent LAL THANHAWLA Indian National Congress 410 Result Declared
Serlui 6 LALRINSANGA RALTE Mizo National Front LALHMACHHUANA Indian National Congress 927 Result Declared
Siaha 39 DR. K. BEICHHUA Mizo National Front S. HIATO Indian National Congress 2468 Result Declared
South tuipui 29 DR R LALTHANGLIANA Mizo National Front JOHN SIAMKUNGA Indian National Congress 1469 Result Declared
Tawi 9 R.LALZIRLIANA Mizo National Front R. LALTHATLUANGA Independent 184 Result Declared
Thorang 34 ZODINTLUANGA RALTE Indian National Congress R.ROHMINGLIANA Mizo National Front 1240 Result Declared
Tuichang 22 TAWNLUIA Mizo National Front W. CHHUANAWMA Independent 739 Result Declared
Tuichawng 36 BUDDHA DHAN CHAKMA Bharatiya Janata Party RASIK MOHAN CHAKMA Mizo National Front 1594 Result Declared
Tuikum 27 ER. LALRINAWMA Mizo National Front SANGZELA TLAU Indian National Congress 1397 Result Declared
Tuirial 4 ANDREW H. THANGLIANA Independent SAILOTHANGA SAILO Mizo National Front 204 Result Declared
Tuivawl 7 LALCHHANDAMA RALTE Mizo National Front R. L. PIANMAWIA Indian National Congress 3 Result Declared
West tuipui 35 NIHAR KANTI CHAKMA Indian National Congress KINA RANJAN CHAKMA Bharatiya Janata Party 2385 Result Declared

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