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Mission Rajasthan 2013: BSP takes lead, announces first list of candidates, BSP declared their candidates from rajasthan for assembly poll 2013, BSP, Mayawati, Rajasthan, BSP candidates for assembly election 2013.

Mission Rajasthan 2013: BSP takes lead, announces first list of candidates.


Jaipur: While Congress and BJP are busy in their political Yatras, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has taken lead in declaring the first list of candidates for the coming Assembly election. Upbeat by the victory of six candidates in previous Assembly polls in state, BSP supremo Mayawati announced a list of 29 candidates in advance so that candidates can spend maximum time with the people of their constituency. 

“Yatras won’t make any difference. The BSP has taken lead and we have declared the first list of 29 candidates. It is a message that BSP is focusing on Rajasthan with full force,” said Bhagwan Singh Baba, state BSP chief. 
However, in BJP and Congress ticket distribution committees are yet to be constituted as both parties are presently focusing only on the Yatras. The Congress has mobilised all its party workers to start public relation campaign for the rallies scheduled during the first phase of Sandesh Yatra in eastern Rajasthan starting from March 30. 
Chief minister Ashok Gehlot, just ahead of the Congress Yatra, targeted BJP saying their Suraj Sankalp Yatra will make no difference as people have discarded their policies and ideology. “Last time they managed to come into power after their Parivartan Yatra. That time reasons were different but this time the formula will not work. Flaring up religious sentiment they managed to run the collision government at the Centre for eight years.

But people have rejected their ideology as well as policies,” said Gehlot. “I want to ask them that in past 60 years why they could not become the alternative of Congress in this country?” questioned Gehlot. “They take out Yatra to create unrest among different community. At the time of Babri Masjid they took out Yatra and we have seen how many people died. But Congress takes out Yatra to create communal harmony and peace in the country,” said Gehlot. 
Meanwhile BJP leaders too have completed preparations of their Suraj Sankalp Yatra. BJP leaders said that the Congress is copying the BJP and it is taking out Yatra without any preparation. “Their objective is to please Rahul Gandhi and they are aware that they would not get a second chance. Let people decide who they will show the door,” said Kali Charan Saraf, BJP MLA.

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