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Bihar Election: Paswan Claimed NDA will get 2/3rd Majority in Bihar Polls, Bihar assembly election, Bihar polls, Bihar election Updates

Bihar Election: Paswan Claimed NDA will get 2/3rd Majority in Bihar Polls
Bihar Election 2015Chennai: It was claimed by the Lok Janshakti Party President and Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Thursday that the National Democratic Alliance will get two-thirds majority in elections to the Bihar Assembly later this year.

Dismissing the Janata Parivar as having no future he claimed that. According to Ram Vilas Paswan,  “In Bihar, Janata Dal (U) and RJD are fighting like anything. Even now, Samajwadi Party is not ready to accept them and so in Bihar we will get two-thirds majority.”

Leaders of six Janata Parivar parties, including the Samajwadi Party, JD(U) and RJD, had announced their decision last month to merge into one larger entity. Lok janadakti Party’s President Paswan also claimed here, “till now there is no single symbol, single name, and single flag and it will never be.” He also said that, the NDA had won elections in many states as well as Haryana also.

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He then further added that Bihar would also fall into the kitty of the BJP-led alliance. According to him, during his first year the NDA government has made a “strong foundation” in the remaining four years, promises made before the masses will be fulfilled.

The first anniversary of NDA government ministers will address public meetings. “I can say with pride that under the leadership of Narendra Modi, it is a glorious period and (both) inside and outside the country, the nation’s prestige has gone up,” he said and and again claimed that there was zero corruption under NDA government. The inflation rate was also “below average”, he said, adding the” government has done excellent work.

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