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Five trends in political campaigning for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Five trends in political campaigning for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019

A political campaign is an organized effort, put together to influence the decision-making process within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, by which representatives are chosen.

A campaign team can comprise of as less as just one inspired individual or a heavily resourced group of professionals. One essential purpose of a campaign team is that they much know how to communicate the message of the election campaign, raise money and recruit volunteers. There are various ways to advertise a political campaign, borrowing techniques from commercial advertising and propaganda. These techniques are bundled up into a formal strategy known as the campaign plan. The plan takes into account the campaign's goal, message, resources available and the target audience.

Across the world, the environment around political campaigns is changing at an astonishing rate. With the introduction of online media and various other modes of advertising and promotion, the change is no surprise at all.


Given below are a few recent trends in political campaigning-


  • The ever-increasing volatility of the electorate- With the introduction of many new candidates, who are popular with the ‘new-age’ voters, election campaigns can no longer as reliably count on the support of loyal, regular voters. A party, therefore, has to continually re-invent itself, innovate and win the support of voters every day anew. It also makes the development of a coherent and timely message even more important: A campaign has to give its target voters a reason why they should vote for their candidate or their party, and not one of the competing ones. This is also a challenge for new parties, which sometimes are very successful at the outset, but then find it challenging to sustain that success.


  • New challenges for public opinion research- Related to the development of an appealing and timely message is the importance of public opinion research. The recent years have seen a good deal of talk in the last few years, about the challenges faced by survey research professionals. However, the polling industry is facing new and old challenges. The new ones have a lot to do with the changing lifestyles of voters, the old ones with the hesitation to spend on solid research designs and the incompetence of many with respect to the interpretation of the data. Now more than ever, good public opinion research has a lot to do with listening to voters. In that respect, focus group discussions remain one of the great tools political professionals have to really understand the concerns of voters.

  • Digitalization is changing political campaigns- The influence of social media alone on election campaigns has been huge these past few years. The fact that everyone is becoming dependent on their phones for a variety of things and not just for communication purposes, from getting daily news to checking the time, everything is being done digitally. In the past couple of years, politics has found its way in too. Advertises and questionnaires, online polls have started appearing on the web, due to increased use of the internet, which has become a valuable fundraising tool. Apart from that, there are phone calls, SMS, emails sent, reminding everyone to vote. Nowadays, basically everybody is online, and an increasing number of people are more or less permanently online. This has significant consequences regarding the speed of our communication and the diversity of the channels and tools we use. Social media allows citizens to call their leaders out immediately, and to share quotes and footage, which clearly demonstrate that digitalization is changing campaigns.

  • Experience is less important- The world is changing so fast that younger leaders may be better positioned to understand current challenges. Indeed, there are several leaders who fit the category of the so-called slim fit politicians. This doesn’t mean experience has become unimportant for voters, but rather that we are no longer in a situation where more experience is always better, meaning that a candidate needs to convince voters that he or she is able to do the job. Once a candidate can make that case and can pass that threshold, other criteria become more critical, and comparatively, young age can even be an advantage. One might say, instead of a lot of experience with not much credibility, a voter in today's day age will look for a signature accomplishment and a political offer that was appealing to many voters.

How using the election campaign software can help you in efficiently analyzing data?

How using the election campaign software can help you in efficiently analyzing data?

The campaigning is the most important and essential aspect for your party as well as you before Lok Sabha election 2019. There are a number of varied ways in which the campaigning processes are being carried out these days. The technology has made significant development in the society, and the political scene has not been left out in that case. The various political management companies usually run the election campaigns in modern times.

Leadtech is one such great political management company that can help you or your party with the entire political campaigning process. They enable you the proper use of the election campaign software which can help you to have the upper hand in the election campaigning process. There are a number of varied election campaigning ways like campaigning through the mobile, e-mail campaigning, conventional campaigning, social media campaigning and even through the software. The conventional ways of campaigning are also still widely in use as this gives the most robust connection between you as well as the potential voters. The newer methods of campaigning are however more active and have a lot of advantages like the immediate feedback as well as the reach and more.

Why Election Campaign Software?

There are a number of multifaceted advantages that you can avail from the election campaign software, and you can robustly focus on the campaigning process. This will help you to have the campaigning process done in an easy manner, and as a result, you will be able to focus more on the various other aspects of the campaigning. The essential benefit that you can avail from the software is the data analysis aspects. 

Benefits of the Election Campaign Software in Data Analytics

Here are some of the beneficial ways in which the election campaign software can help you and your party to hold an effective big data analytics for the enhancement of the political campaign. There are many such advantages however a few of the major ones are mentioned here.

  • Ease of Data Collection – The process of data collection is a tedious thing. This can get you all jumbled up as well. However, when you use the election campaign software for the data collecting procedure, it comes as a great boon. This technological advancement has come in great help to the political data analytics. The software eases the process of data collection. The ease in the collection of the data helps the data analytics teams to concentrate on other important works.

  • Proper Feedback Mechanism – Through the software, the potential voters will be able to avail to you the correct and helpful feedback to you. As a result, you will be able to understand the various aspects of their opinion on your party as well as on you. You can also get a strong understanding of the demographics through the software. The positive, as well as the negative feedback, are equally important to you in the process of data analytics.

  • Better Security of the Data – The data is collected, and there should be proper security of these data. You can easily better the whole aspect of data security with the help of the election campaign software. This helps you to rest assured that there will not be any chances for data theft or any such scam.

  • Easy Access of the Data and Flexibility – The software avails o you and the authorized people to access the data at any time and from any place. The flexibility of the data available through the software platform is a great benefit that can be a boon in the process of analyzing the data. This is one of the most amazing aspects of the software.

  • Keep Tabs on the Opposition – Through the software, you can easily keep a track on the opposition. This is an important thing that can be done. There are a lot of facilities that will help you know the various optimum levels of the data. This is a great beneficial advantage that can be availed by you when you use the election campaign software.

  • Connect With the Top-Notch Behavioral Psychologists – Through the software, you can get the aid of the top-class behavioural psychologists. This will help you to avail the best questions for the survey, and as a result, you will be able to get the best results from the survey. The data that you get can be easily analyzed as well.

  • Cloud Platform for Easy Transfer of Data – The cloud concept of the software helps in multifaceted ways as well. You will be able to control who will be able to see which levels of the data. The data sharing process is also easy through it, and you will better be able to understand as well as analyze the data that you have availed. This is a great benefit and helps you as well as your party in various ways.

These are the various ways in which the election campaign software can help in the analyzing of the data in an efficient manner. As a result, this can, in turn, help you to have a better perspective of the public, and it can help your party carry out the election campaign in an accurate direction. The companies like Leadtech is of great advantage as they will avail to you the political data analysis through the software and this will help you have accurate data. After that, you can better perform the election campaigning for your party.


  • Political Survey and Research

    Political Consulting India, Political Survey India, Opinion Poll India, Exit Poll, Election Campaigning Campaign Management India For Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections .

    Leadtech is the Top Best Political Campaign Management Companies Firms India. It provides Political Campaign Management, Election Campaign Management, Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections. Leadtech Logo Big

    We also Provide Voter Relationship Management (VRM) software and Mobile App. It contains all minute level details of the study in one place. We have a varied clientbase consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Instead of promising a hypothetical winning formula we equip our clients with tools and services to manage their day to day activities and help them in thorough and meticulous preparation for elections. This approach enables them to get a crystal clear picture of their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be improved upon.

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    Team: Our Founders are from IIT Bombay. Our team consists of graduates and post-graduates from top institutes including IIT and NIT for the software development, and analytical work, post-graduates and PhDs. to manage the political, social and economic research work, post graduates from leading colleges of MCA to manage the database collected from the field, and data collection is done by the the people graduated from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science. We have already served more than 1500 clients that include national parties, individual candidates and regional parties in almost whole of India. We have wored in almost all states in India like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Tripura, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi,  Jharkhand, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Goa, West Bengal, Bihar. We have done our research for Assembly Elections, Lok Sabha Elections, Municipal Corporation Elections.

    Political Election Campaign Management Services OfferedSOCIAL

    1. Political Survey - Complete Comprehensive Survey of Leader's Constituency. Primary Research, Data Collection, Analysis, Reports and Mobile App
    2. Opinion Exit Poll - Accesses the present situation of the Leader Or Party in the Constituency
    3. Political Election Campaign Management - Complete Campaign Management and Strategy formation and come up with a winning formula for elections.
    4. Door to Door Survey - Each and every household is touched and Database of each household is obtained.
    5. Door to Door Campaigning - Campaigning is done in the whole constituency Each and every household is touched and various kinds of election material are distributed.
    6. Digital Social Media Management - Digital presence of the leader in every Online resource, Google, Blogs, Facebook, twitter etc.
    7. War Room and Call Center - A War Room is conceptualized with a competent team. Our very experienced team forms the right strategy and implements it on the ground.

    Election Political Campaign Managament Details Methodology

    Methodology: A field research will be carried out in the constituency at the Polling Booth level. 

    The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters:

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    1. Political Developmental aspects:
    2. Image of the Leaders Political Campaigning
    3. Image of the Parties
    4. Election Opinion Poll
    5. Important Issues.
    6. Party Network.
    7. Caste Equation
    8. Overall Ranking and Satisfaction

    Political Campaign Management Reports Deliverables

    After the Work Completion we provide various kinds of reports and provide a complete strategy to win the Elections. We Suggest appropriate services at the right time to help our clients take correct step and the right time.

    1. Analytical Ground Research Report- With All indepth Analysis.
    2. Strategy Formation - Personalized Political Consulting by 12 year experienced team.
    3. Mobile App Or Desktop Application - Latest Mobile Application to see all data on the go.
    4. Prominent Social Media Presence - Connecting to the youth of your constituency.

    ØWe can also start E-CAMPAIGN as soon as possible with the help of emails, websites, blogs and SMSes to influence those who are opinion makers. 

    In case of any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

    Political Consultants Details

    Vivek Singh Bagri


    Leadtech Management Consulting P L, Gurgaon

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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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