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Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Nagar Panchayats First Phase 2016 Results Live Dates

Get Maharashtra Municipal Corporation First Phase Nagar Panchayats Election Results 2016 Live Updates

Live: Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Second Phase Results Voting 2016 Second Phase Facts

  1. Results for 3259 out of 3706 municipal councils seats:
    BJP 848
    Shiv Sena 616
    Congress 688
    NCP 576
    Others 531
  1. Nandu Raje of Shiv Sena leading in Osmanabad Municipal Council
  2. BJP won Solapur for first time in 50 years.
  3. Harish Sharma of Bharatiya Janata Party wins Ballarpur Nagar Palika. Shiv Sena wins Barshi Nagar Palika.
  4. Congress wins Sawantwadi, Devgad and Dapoli Municipal Councils.
  5. NCP is leading on 27 seats out of the 33 seats in Parli Municipal Council.
  6. NCP wins Tuljapur, Naldurg and Bhoom Municipal Councils.
  7. In Medha Nagar Panchayat polls, 7 out of 17 seats went in NCP’s bag. Shiv Sena won 3 seats, while the BJP could win one seat.
  8. Congress gets absolute majority in Shirpur Municipal Council polls, winning 21 seats. BJP bagged 4 seats.
  9. Tuljapur and Naldurg Municipal Councils are likely to go in favour of NCP
  10. BJP-led alliance won 9 seats, while Congress bagged 7 seats in Rahata Municipal Council. The outcome is a blow for Congress leader Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil.
  11. Shiv Sena leader Surekha Koli won from Yawal Municipal Council in Jalgaon.
  12. NCP registered victory in Kagal Municipal Council polls, winning 12 seats.
  13. In Khed Municipal Council, Shiv Sena has won 10 seats.
  14. NCP is leading on 16 seats out of the 33 seats in Parli Municipal Council.
  15. Congress is leading on 7 seats of the Shirdi Municipal Council. BJP and NCP are ahead in one seat each.
  16. In a setback to BJP in Nashik, Shiv Sena won 17 of the total 18 seats in Bhagur Municipal Council polls. Out of the 6 Municipal Councils in Nashik, Shiv Sena is leading in 4.
  17. After holding power for 50 years in Solapur, Congress lost power to BJP in Solapur Municipal Council.
  18. Shiv Sena won Murgud Municipal Council.
  19. Out of the total 17 seats, Swabhimani Vikas Aghadi won 9 seats in Kurduwadi Municipal Council polls.
  20. Shiv Sena won 17 of the total 28 seats in Sinnar Municipal Council. BJP bagged 10 seats.
  21. Shiv Sena is leading on 4 seats of Manmad Municipal Council. The Manmad Municipal Council has total 6 seats.
  22. BJP suffered huge loss in Bhagur Municipal Council election. The saffron party could win single seat. Shiv Sena bagged 17 of the total 18 seats of Bhagur Municipal Council.
  23. At Sawantwadi Municipal Council, Congress won 8 seats, while Shiv Sena bagged 6 seats. BJP got one seat.
  24. NCP won at Rahimatpur Municipal Council.
  25. Abha Deshmukh, nephew of Gulabrao Patil, loses election.
    1. Vaduj Nagar Panchayat: NCP 5
    2. Congress 5
    3. BJP 3
    4. Others 4
  26. BJP won 2 seats in Kagal Municipal Council in Kolhapur.
  27. In Bhagul Municipal Council, Shiv Sena is leading on 16 seats. Congress and NCP lead on one seat each. Bhagul Municipal Council has total 18 seats.
  28. Parivartak Vikas Aghadi bagged one Nagar Panchayat seat of Kawate Mahakal.
  29. Swabhimani Vikas Aghadi won 7 Nagar Panchayat seats of Kawate Mahakal.
  30. Alliance of Jansurajya and BJP wins Panhala Municipal Council.
  31. Jan Swarajya leader Rupali Dhadel elected President of Municipal Council.

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