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List of Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Chief Ministers of Meghalaya till date, All CM of Meghalaya till date, Names of all Chief Ministers duration Meghalaya

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya:Present CM of all states

No Name Term of office Party
1 Williamson A. Sangma 2-Apr-70 21-Jan-72 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
  21-Jan-72 18-Mar-72  
  18-Mar-72 21-Nov-76  
  22-Nov-76 3-Mar-78 Indian National Congress
2 Darwin Diengdoh Pugh 10-Mar-78 21-Feb-79 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
  21-Feb-79 6-May-79  
3 B. B. Lyngdoh 7-May-79 7-May-81  
-1 Williamson A. Sangma 7-May-81 24-Feb-83 Indian National Congress
-3 B. B. Lyngdoh 2-Mar-83 31-Mar-83 All Party Hill Leaders Conference
-1 Williamson A. Sangma 2-Apr-83 5-Feb-88 Indian National Congress
4 P. A. Sangma 6-Feb-88 25-Mar-90  
-3 B. B. Lyngdoh 26-Mar-90 10-Oct-91 HPU
Vacant[c] 11-Oct-91 5-Feb-92 N/A
  (President's rule)      
5 D.D. Lapang 5-Feb-92 19-Feb-93 Indian National Congress
6 S. C. Marak 19-Feb-93 27-Feb-98  
  27-Feb-98 10-Mar-98  
-3 B. B. Lyngdoh 10-Mar-98 8-Mar-00 United Democratic Party
7 E. K. Mawlong 8-Mar-00 8-Dec-01  
8 Flinder Anderson Khonglam 8-Dec-01 4-Mar-03 Independent
-5 D. D. Lapang 4-Mar-03 15-Jun-06 Indian National Congress
9 J. D. Rymbai 15-Jun-06 10-Mar-07  
-5 D. D. Lapang 10-Mar-07 4-Mar-08  
  4-Mar-08 19-Mar-08  
10 Donkupar Roy 19-Mar-08 18-Mar-09 United Democratic Party
Vacant[c] 18-Mar-09 12-May-09 N/A
  (President's rule)      
-5 D. D. Lapang 13-May-09 19-Apr-10 Indian National Congress
11 Mukul Sangma 20-Apr-10 5-Mar-13  
  5-Mar-13 6-Mar-18  
12 Conrad Sangma 6-Mar-18 Incumbent National People's Party

 last updated 27 feb 2015


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