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Madhya Pradesh Election Results Live, Assembly Lok Sabha Party Constituency Wise Election Results

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 Madhya Pradesh Party Wise Lok Sabha Election Result Live Updates

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Last Updated at 12:58 PM On 17/5/2014

Madhya Pradesh Result Status
Status Known For 29 out of 29 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party 27 0 27
Indian National Congress 2 0 2
Total 29 0 29

Madhya Pradesh Constituency Wise Lok Sabha Election Result Live Updates

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Madhya Pradesh Result Status

Status Known For 29 out of 29 Constituencies
ConstituencyConst. No.Leading CandidateLeading PartyTrailing CandidateTrailing PartyMarginStatus
BALAGHAT 15 BODHSINGH BHAGAT Bharatiya Janata Party HINA LIKHIRAM KAWRE Indian National Congress 96041 Result Declared
BETUL 29 JYOTI DHURVE Bharatiya Janata Party AJAY SHAH "MAKRAI" Indian National Congress 328614 Result Declared
BHIND 2 DR. BHAGIRATH PRASAD Bharatiya Janata Party IMARTI DEVI Indian National Congress 159961 Result Declared
BHOPAL 19 ALOK SANJAR Bharatiya Janata Party P C SHARMA (PRAKASH MANGILAL SHARMA ) Indian National Congress 370696 Result Declared
CHHINDWARA 16 KAMAL NATH Indian National Congress CHOUDHARY CHANDRABHAN KUBER SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 116537 Result Declared
DAMOH 7 PRAHALAD SINGH PATEL Bharatiya Janata Party CHOUDHARY MAHENDRA PRATAP SINGH Indian National Congress 213299 Result Declared
DEWAS 21 MANOHAR UNTWAL Bharatiya Janata Party SAJJAN SINGH VERMA Indian National Congress 260313 Result Declared
DHAR 25 SAVITRI THAKUR Bharatiya Janata Party UMANG SINGHAR Indian National Congress 104328 Result Declared
GUNA 4 JYOTIRADITYA M SCINDIA Indian National Congress JAIBHANSINGH PAWAIYA Bharatiya Janata Party 120792 Result Declared
GWALIOR 3 NARENDRA SINGH TOMAR Bharatiya Janata Party ASHOK SINGH Indian National Congress 29699 Result Declared
HOSHANGABAD 17 UDAY PRATAP SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party DEVENDRA PATEL "GUDDU BHAIYA" Indian National Congress 389960 Result Declared
INDORE 26 SUMITRA MAHAJAN (TAI) Bharatiya Janata Party SATYANARAYAN PATEL Indian National Congress 466901 Result Declared
JABALPUR 13 RAKESH SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party VIVEK KRISHNA TANKHA Indian National Congress 208639 Result Declared
KHAJURAHO 8 NAGENDRA SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party RAJA PATERIA Indian National Congress 247490 Result Declared
KHANDWA 28 NANDKUMAR SINGH CHOUHAN (NANDU BHAIYA) Bharatiya Janata Party ARUN SUBHASH CHANDRA YADAV Indian National Congress 259714 Result Declared
KHARGONE 27 SUBHASH PATEL Bharatiya Janata Party RAMESH PATEL Indian National Congress 257879 Result Declared
MANDLA 14 FAGGAN SINGH KULASTE Bharatiya Janata Party OMKAR SINGH MARKAM Indian National Congress 110469 Result Declared
MANDSOUR 23 SUDHIR GUPTA Bharatiya Janata Party MEENAKSHI NATARAJAN Indian National Congress 303649 Result Declared
MORENA 1 ANOOP MISHRA Bharatiya Janata Party BRINDAWAN SINGH SIKARWAR Bahujan Samaj Party 132981 Result Declared
RAJGARH 20 RODMAL NAGAR Bharatiya Janata Party AMLABE NARAYAN SINGH Indian National Congress 228737 Result Declared
RATLAM 24 DILEEPSINGH BHURIA Bharatiya Janata Party KANTILAL BHURIA Indian National Congress 108447 Result Declared
REWA 10 JANARDAN MISHRA Bharatiya Janata Party SUNDERLAL TIWARI Indian National Congress 168726 Result Declared
SAGAR 5 LAXMI NARAYAN YADAV Bharatiya Janata Party GOVIND SINGH RAJPUT Indian National Congress 120737 Result Declared
SATNA 9 GANESH SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party AJAY SINGH RAHUL BHAIYYA Indian National Congress 8688 Result Declared
SHAHDOL 12 DALPAT SINGH PARASTE Bharatiya Janata Party RAJES NANDINI SINGH Indian National Congress 241301 Result Declared
SIDHI 11 RITI PATHAK Bharatiya Janata Party INDRAJEET KUMAR Indian National Congress 108046 Result Declared
TIKAMGARH 6 DR. VIRENDRA KUMAR Bharatiya Janata Party AHIRWAR DR. KAMLESH VERMA Indian National Congress 208731 Result Declared
UJJAIN 22 PROF. CHINTAMANI MALVIYA Bharatiya Janata Party PREMCHAND GUDDU Indian National Congress 309663 Result Declared
VIDISHA 18 SUSHMA SWARAJ Bharatiya Janata Party LAKSHMAN SINGH Indian National Congress 410698 Result Declared
Last Updated at 12:54 PM On 17/5/2014

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