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Rajasthan Election Result

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Dausa Assembly Election Result 2018
YearAC_NoAssembly NameINCBJPBSPOthersWinner Margin
Parliamentary 201488Dausa19.1926.89152.931.19
Parliamentary 200988Dausa2.791.36095.863.5
Assembly 201388Dausa28.5346.161.0124.317.63
Assembly 200888Dausa37.2321.3738.23.20.97
Assembly 200388Dausa33.7144.2902210.58
Assembly 199888Dausa38.9716.76044.2722.21

Parliamentary Election Result 2014

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201411 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa DR. KIRODI LALNPEP35298
201411 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa HARISH CHANDRA MEENABJP33800
201411 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa NAMONARAIN MEENAINC24129
201411 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa SHIV PAL GURJARIND21534
201411 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa ANJU DEVI DHANKAIND3239

Assembly Election 2013

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201311 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa SHANKAR LAL SHARMABJP65904
201311 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa MURARI LALINC40732
201311 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa LAXMI JAYASWALNPEP24951
201311 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa RAJESH BAIRWAIND3030
201311 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa None of the AboveNOTA2331

Parliamentary Election Result 2009

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200911 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa 11 KIRODI LALIND55956
200911 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa 10 QUMMER RUBBANIIND51917
200911 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa 2 LAXMANINC3214
200911 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa 1 RAM KISHORE MEENABJP1567
200911 Dausa (ST) 88 Dausa 9 SHIVA RAMRJVP577

Assembly Election 2008

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200811 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa MURARI LAL MEENA BSP 43387
200811 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa RAM AVTAR CHOUDHARY INC 42285
200811 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa BABU LAL SHARMA BJP 24266
200811 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa RAMLAL BAIRWA IND 1005
200811 Dausa (ST) 88Dausa GOKAL GURJAR RLD 966