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Rajasthan Election Result

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Udaipur Rural Assembly Election Result 2018
YearAC_NoAssembly NameINCBJPBSPOthersWinner Margin
Parliamentary 2014152Udaipur Rural 30.462.71.275.6332.3
Parliamentary 2009152Udaipur Rural 57.9932010.0125.99
Assembly 2013152Udaipur Rural 41.6650.51.186.668.85
Assembly 2008152Udaipur Rural 49.439.881.149.599.52
Assembly 2003152Udaipur Rural 44.0445.73010.231.69
Assembly 1998152Udaipur Rural 58.8740.1700.9718.7

Parliamentary Election Result 2014

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201419 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST) ARJUNLAL MEENABJP99661
201419 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST) RAGHUVIR SINGHINC48322
201419 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST) MEGHRAJ TAWARCPI3069
201419 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST) NOTA Votes Polled(Excld. Postal Votes):NOTA Votes2625
201419 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST) LAXMAN BHILBSP2024

Assembly Election 2013

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201319 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur RuralPHOOL SINGH MEENABJP78561
201319 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur RuralSAJJAN KATARAINC64797
201319 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur RuralNone of the AboveNOTA4590
201319 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur RuralDEVENDRA KUMAR MEENAIND3486
201319 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur RuralPOONAM CHANDNPEP2279

Parliamentary Election Result 2009

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200919 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST 4 RAGHUVIR SINGH MEENAINC51249
200919 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST 2 MAHAVEER BHAGORABJP28282
200919 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST 3 MEGHRAJ TAWARCPI2205
200919 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST 8 SHAKUNTALA DHANKASP2025
200919 Udaipur (ST) 152 Udaipur Rural (ST 5 OM PRAKASH MEENAABCD(A)1751

Assembly Election 2008

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200819 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur Rural SAJJAN KATARA INC 55494
200819 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur Rural VANDANA MEENA BJP 44798
200819 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur Rural ANIL TAWAR CPI 4739
200819 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur Rural DHANRAJ AHARI IND 3457
200819 Udaipur (ST) 152Udaipur Rural LAXMILAL GAMETI BJSH 2572

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