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Chhattisgarh Election Result

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Vaishali Nagar assembly election result 2017
YearAC_NoAssembly NameBJPINCOthersWinner Margin
Parliametary Election 201466 Vaishali Nagar38.853.078.1314.27
Assembly Election 201366 Vaishali Nagar51.8934.4113.717.47
Parliament Election 200966 Vaishali Nagar37.1924.0238.7913.17
Assembly 200866 Vaishali Nagar52.1634.5813.2617.59
Parliament 200466 Vaishali Nagar0000
Assembly 200366 Vaishali Nagar0000

Parliamentary Election 2014

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
20147 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar SAROJ PANDEYBJP77448
20147 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar TAMRADHWAJ SAHUINC56628
20147 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar VISHWA RATNA SINHAAAAP3425
20147 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar MUNNA CHANDRAKARBSP1620
20147 DURG66 Vaishali NagarNOTA Votes Polled(Excld. Postal Votes):NOTA Votes1340

Assembly Election 2013

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
20137 DURG66Vaishali NagarVIDYARATAN BHASINBJP72594
20137 DURG66Vaishali NagarAKHTAR JANISARCSM8700
20137 DURG66Vaishali NagarNone of the AboveNOTA2670
20137 DURG66Vaishali NagarINDER LAL LAHAREBSP1876

Parliamentary Election 2009

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
20097 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar PRADEEP CHOUBEYINC25369
20097 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar RAGHUNANDAN SAHUBSP1963
20097 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar SAROJ PANDEYBJP39272
20097 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar DEVIDAS KURRECGVP249
20097 DURG66 Vaishali Nagar DR. PANKAJ GOSOMI(PANDIT)RPI99

Assembly Election 2008

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
20087 DURG66Vaishali Nagar SAROJ PANDEY BJP 63078
20087 DURG66Vaishali Nagar BRIJ MOHAN SINGH INC 41811
20087 DURG66Vaishali Nagar L. M. BABA IND 5025
20087 DURG66Vaishali Nagar SUBHASH CHANDRA SINGH BSP 2573
20087 DURG66Vaishali Nagar AKHTAR JA NISAR SP 1978