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Mattannur Municipal council election 2017 Result Ward Wise Winner Candidate List

Mattannur Municipal council election 2017 Result Ward Wise Winner Candidate List

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Mattannur Municipal council election Results 2017

  1. In the election to the Mattannur municipality, the Left Front managed to take a decisive lead in the final round of the counting of votes.

  2. Party Wards
     LDF  28
     UDF  07
     BJP  0
  3. The ruling has been in the hands of the Left Front since 1997, when the Mattancherry corporation was formed.

    There are 112 candidates in the fray. The highest number of candidates are Mattannur, which has the least number of five. The elections for the fifth administrative body in Mattannur municipality took place on the eighth day. Voting is underway in 35 hours on the ground of the draft.

  4. Mattannur municipality election results Counting of votes will be held at Mattannur Higher Secondary
    at 10 am.
  5. Counting of votes in 35 wards is Undergoing.
  6. It will be clear within an hour of counting as to who is winning.
  7. The prospect of the ruling Left Front is that it will win a much better victory over the vast majority of the municipalities in the country.
  8. The UDF had 13 seats in last elections.
  9. Results would be announced on 10th August 2017 i.e today.
  10. Counting Underway for Municipal Election Results 2017.


Mattannur Municipal council election Results 2012

Party Votes Vote%
LDF 13332 47.51%
UDF 10509 37.45%
SDPI 546 1.95%
IND 1691 6.03%
BJP 1984 7.07%

Mattannur Municipal council election 2017

  1. The election to the Mattannur Municipal council in the district will be held on August 8. Addressing a press conference here on Monday, state election commissioner V Bhaskaran said the results would be announced on August 10.
  2. A total of 112 candidates are in the fray as the election is being held in 35 wards in the municipality. While the LDF and the UDF are contesting in all the 35 wards and the BJP has fielded its candidates in 32 wards. The Social Democratic Party of India has also fielded its candidates in a few seats. The post of chairperson of the municipality this time is reserved for women.
  3. There are 35 wards in the municipality, which has 35,630 voters - 16,925 males and 18,705 females.
  4. Nominations can be submitted from July 14 to July 21, said the official. The scrutiny will be held on July 22 and the last date of withdrawal of nominations is July 24, he said adding that the code of conduct came to force from July 10. New voters can be enrolled till July 12.


Party Votes Vote%
LDF 13332 47.51%
UDF 10509 37.45%
SDPI 546 1.95%
IND 1691 6.03%
BJP 1984 7.07%


 Mattannur Election Candidates 2017

Political Party

 Party Candidate Name
BJP Biju Elakkuzhi
CPM E. P. Jayarajan
IND Kodippadi Prasanth
JD(U) K. P. Prasanth
SDPI Rafeekh Keecheri


Mattannur Election Results 2016





Candidate Name





E. P. Jayarajan





K. P. Prasanth




Mattannur , Constituency No -(15)

Election Date


Result Date



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