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11 Telangana legislators join TRS

11 Telangana legislators join TRS



In an unprecedented exodus and realignment of political forces in the newly-formed Telangana state, 11 legislators, two BSP MLAs, five Congress, two PRTU teachers and two Telugu Desam MLCs joined the TRS on Wednesday. Chief Minister and TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who welcomed the new entrants to the party with pink kanduvas at a gala function at Telangana Bhavan here, said that it was not a regular floor crossing for posts, but a realignment of political forces to build a “Bangaru (golden) Telangana”.

He wanted all political forces in Telangana to come on one platform and develop the new state. Sources said that more Congress, TD and leaders from other parties were likely to join the TRS in the days to come. With the 11 legislators, the number of TRS legislators has now gone up to 80 (65 MLAs and 15 MLCs). “It’s a historic scenario today. Eleven legislators from different parties joined the TRS.


They have not joined for posts or for opportunities, but are deeply hurt by traitors of Telangana and have decided to extend support to me and the party for the development of Telangana. Let them stop petty politics,” Mr Rao remarked. Lashing out at AP CM N. Chandrababu Naidu, he said that Mr Naidu’s agenda and true colours were exposed and the latter was trying to hurt the Telangana government at every given opportunity and indulging in provocative actions.


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