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Over 11 lakh new voters yet to enroll their names, New Voters, Rajasthan, Election Commission, Cast wise voters,Voter id card, rajasthan poll 2013.

Over 11 lakh new voters yet to enroll their names.


JAIPUR: The attempts of political parties to woo young voters may go down the drain with nearly half of the voters in the age group of 18-19 yet to get their names enrolled in the voters list. Despite all attempts by Election Commission, nearly 11 lakh young voters will not be able to use their right to vote.

As per the Census 2011, nearly 27 lakh voters became eligible to vote for the first time. However, EC so far enrolled 16 lakh voters while the process of including names is still undergoing. But even putting all its efforts EC is unlikely to meet the target. Officials admit that it will be a daunting task to register everyone in the coming days.

"We started the process quite early by setting up booths at colleges. The net enrollment is yet to be ascertained but there are some reports that all of them have been enrolled," said an official from Election Commission.

Registration of voters between the age group of 20-29, however crossed the number of estimated voters falling in that category. Same is with the age group of 40-49 years and 50-59 years. Officials claim that this has happened because of lot of migrating population of young professionals.

"Many professionals keep moving with one place to other in the state. They enroll at the new place but do not de-register from the earlier place. EC is yet to create a system where duplicity of names can be detected and deleted," added the official.

So far the commission has enrolled 5.5 cr voters in the state while nearly 20 lakh is estimated to miss out their name due to several reasons. The commission has asked district election officers ( DEO) to beef up the campaign and ensure that most of the electorates get covered in the list.





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