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Nagaland Assembly Election Result 2013 Constituency Wise, Nagaland Assemby Election 2013 Winner List, Nagaland Vidhan Sabha Result Winner Party and Winner Candidate List 2013, List Of Nagaland Assemby MLA 2013,Nagaland Election 2013 Result, Nagaland vidha

Nagaland Assembly Election Result 2013 Constituency Wise, Nagaland Assemby Election 2013 Winner List, Nagaland Vidhan Sabha Result Winner Party and Winner Candidate List 2013, List Of Nagaland Assemby MLA 2013, Nagaland Election 2013 Result, Nagaland vidhan sabh amembers, Nagaland Vidhan Sabha result 2013.

Constituency Winner Candidate Voter Leading Party Runner Up Candidate Voter Trailing Party Margin
Aboi ESHAK KONYAK 4599 Indian National Congress NYEIWANG 3906 Naga Peoples Front 693
Aghunato PUKHAYI 6902 Naga Peoples Front HUKIYE 6141 Indian National Congress 761
Akuluto KHEKAHO 6070 Indian National Congress KAKHETO 4087 Naga Peoples Front 1983
Alongtaki DR. BENJONGLIBA 7087 Naga Peoples Front MOATOSHI LONGKUMER 5596 Independent 1491
Angetyongpang S.CHUBA LONGKUMER 5480 Independent SASHIMAR 5068 Naga Peoples Front 412
Aonglenden IMTIKUMZUK 5604 Indian National Congress TOSHIPOKBA 4633 Naga Peoples Front 971
Arkakong NUKLUTOSHI 8544 Naga Peoples Front TAKATIBA MASA AO 7094 Indian National Congress 1450
Atoizu PICTO 8965 Independent DOSHEHE Y. SEMA 5681 Naga Peoples Front 3284
Bhandari MMHONLUMO 8183 Nationalist Congress Party ACHUMBEMO KIKON 7929 Independent 254
Chazouba CHOTISUH SAZO 14104 Naga Peoples Front VAPRUMU DEMO 7703 Indian National Congress 6401
Chizami DEO NUKHU 5695 Naga Peoples Front KEVECHUTSO 5253 Independent 442
Dimapur-i TOVIHOTO AYEMI 6952 Naga Peoples Front K.L. CHISHI 5114 Indian National Congress 1838
Dimapur-ii S.I JAMIR 14151 Indian National Congress SAVI LIEGISE 12536 Independent 1615
Dimapur-iii TOKHEHO 12809 Indian National Congress AZHETO 10778 Naga Peoples Front 2031
Ghaspani-i N.JACOB ZHIMOMI 26287 Independent KHEKIHO ZHIMOMI 25255 Naga Peoples Front 1032
Ghaspani-ii ZHALEO RIO 11189 Naga Peoples Front Y.HEWOTO AWOMI 8801 Indian National Congress 2388
Impur DR. IMTIWAPANG AIER 6122 Indian National Congress T.N.MANEN 3597 Naga Peoples Front 2525
Jangpetkong E.T. SUNUP 2961 Independent DR. K.CHUBA 2547 Independent 414
Kohima town DR. NEIKIESALIE NICKY KIRE 15506 Naga Peoples Front DR. ER. VIKUOTUOLIE ANGAMI 8795 Independent 6711
Koridang IMKONG L.IMCHEN 11869 Naga Peoples Front T. CHALUKUMBA AO 6134 Independent 5735
Longkhim chare A.IMTILEMBA SANGTAM 7273 Nationalist Congress Party THRINIMONG 5814 Indian National Congress 1459
Longleng S. PANGNYU 13171 Naga Peoples Front T.L. SEMDOK 8936 Nationalist Congress Party 4235
Meluri YITACHU 12030 Naga Peoples Front KHUOSATHO 6479 Indian National Congress 5551
Moka E.E. PANGTEANG 10877 Naga Peoples Front LONGANG 5596 Indian National Congress 5281
Mokokchung town C.APOK JAMIR 2229 Indian National Congress ROSEMTONG 2182 Naga Peoples Front 47
Mon town N. THONGWANG 6870 Naga Peoples Front Y. MANKHAO 6596 Indian National Congress 274
Mongoya MERENTOSHI R.JAMIR 8808 Naga Peoples Front DR. NGANGSHI K.AO 4125 Indian National Congress 4683
Noklak P.LONGON 9168 Naga Peoples Front H.HAIYING 9168 Indian National Congress 3305
Noksen C.M. CHANG 5602 Naga Peoples Front LIMA ONEN CHANG 4510 Nationalist Congress Party 1092
Northern angami-i KHRIEHU LIEZIETSU 8232 Naga Peoples Front PRASIELIE PIENYU 6072 Indian National Congress 2160
Northern angami-ii NEIPHIU RIO 15305 Naga Peoples Front KEVISE SOGOTSU 2634 Indian National Congress 12671
Peren T.R.ZELIANG 13627 Naga Peoples Front IHERIE NDANG 10991 Indian National Congress 2636
Pfutsero NEIBA KRONU 6666 Naga Peoples Front KEWEKHAPE THERIE 5949 Indian National Congress 717
Phek KUZHOLUZO NIENU 11447 Naga Peoples Front ER. VEKHO SWURO 7559 Independent 3888
Phomching POHWANG 10499 Naga Peoples Front K. KONNGAM KONYAK 8062 Indian National Congress 2437
Pughoboto Y. VIKHEHO SWU 7208 Naga Peoples Front JOSHUA SUMI 4922 Indian National Congress 2286
Pungro kiphire TORECHU 15894 Naga Peoples Front R. TSAPIKIU SANGTAM 11349 Indian National Congress 4545
Sanis N.THOMAS LOTHA 6983 Independent NKHAO LOTHA 5413 Rashtriya Janata Dal 1570
Satakha G. KAITO 10873 Naga Peoples Front VITOHO ZHIMOMI 3705 Indian National Congress 7168
Seyochung sitimi SHRI. C. KIPILI SANGTAM 12507 Naga Peoples Front SHRI. TSASEPI SANGTAM 9108 Indian National Congress 3399
Shamator chessore R. TOHANBA 6602 Naga Peoples Front K.YIMSO YIMCHUNGER 3688 Janata Dal (United) 2914
Southern angami-i VIKHO-O YHOSHU 8413 Naga Peoples Front NAGAKUL 3921 Indian National Congress 4492
Southern angami-ii KROPOL VITSU 10626 Naga Peoples Front K.V. PUSA 5175 Indian National Congress 5451
Suruhoto SHETOYI 6952 Naga Peoples Front KIYEZHE AYE 6547 Indian National Congress 405
Tamlu B.S NGANLANG 7276 Janata Dal (United) NYEMLI 5398 Naga Peoples Front 1878
Tapi NOKE 6998 Naga Peoples Front LANPHA 4389 Indian National Congress 2609
Tehok C.L. JOHN 10917 Naga Peoples Front W. WANGYUH 3026 Indian National Congress 7891
Tenning NAMRI NCHANG 9151 Naga Peoples Front TARIE ZELIANG 8003 Indian National Congress 1148
Thonoknyu L.KHUMO KHIAMNIUNGAN 7963 Nationalist Congress Party S.HENO 6656 Naga Peoples Front 1307
Tizit P. PAIWANG KONYAK 7967 Bharatiya Janata Party ALOH 4891 Naga Peoples Front 3076
Tobu NAIBA 10123 Naga Peoples Front BONGKHAO 7876 Indian National Congress 2247
Tseminyu ER. LEVI RENGMA 9212 Independent R. KHING 8444 Naga Peoples Front 768
Tuensang sadar-ii KEJONG CHANG 5268 Naga Peoples Front I.N.MONGBA 5268 Indian National Congress 569
Tuli AMENBA YADEN 7408 Independent L.TEMJEN JAMIR 4659 Naga Peoples Front 2749
Tyui Y.PATTON 11525 Naga Peoples Front YANKITHUNG YANTHAN 5985 Indian National Congress 5540
Wakching Y.M. YOLOW 10031 Independent M.C. KONYAK 8248 Naga Peoples Front 1783
Western angami KIYANILIE PESEYIE 5969 Naga Peoples Front ASU KEYHO 4969 Indian National Congress 1000
Wokha DR. T.M. LOTHA 16401 Nationalist Congress Party DR. CHUMBEN MURRY 14919 Naga Peoples Front 1482
Zunheboto S. HUKAVI ZHIMOMI 6827 Indian National Congress DR. K.C. NIHOSHE 6550 Naga Peoples Front 277




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