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Meghalaya Assembly Election Result 2013 Constituency Wise, Meghalaya Assemby Election 2013 Winner List, Meghalaya Vidhan Sabha Result Winner Party and Winner Candidate List 2013, List Of Meghalaya Assemby MLA 2013,Meghalaya Election 2013 Result, Meghalaya

Meghalaya Assembly Election Result 2013 Constituency Wise, Meghalaya Assemby Election 2013 Winner List, Meghalaya Vidhan Sabha Result Winner Party and Winner Candidate List 2013, List Of Meghalaya Assemby MLA 2013,Meghalaya Election 2013 Result, Meghalaya vidhan sabha members,Meghalaya Vidhan Sabha result 2013.

 Meghalaya Result Status

Constituency Winninig Candidate Votes Party Runner Up Candidate Votes Party Margin
Amlarem STEPHANSON MUKHIM 8297 Independent LAHKMEN RYMBUI 7163 Indian National Congress 1134
Ampati DR. MUKUL SANGMA 15031 Indian National Congress CLEMENT G. MOMIN 5935 National People's Party 9096
Baghmara LAZARUS SANGMA   Indian National Congress SAMUEL M. SANGMA   Independent 3587
Bajengdoba BRIGADY MARAK 7139 Independent ADOLF LU HITLER R. MARAK 6919 Indian National Congress 220
Chokpot CLIFFORD MARAK 5558 Garo National Council ARLENE M. N. SANGMA 5073 Indian National Congress 485
Dadenggre JAMES PANGSANG KONGKAL SANGMA 6725 National People's Party ISMAIL R. MARAK 5892 Independent 833
Dalu KENETHSON R. SANGMA 3363 Indian National Congress BRENING A SANGMA 2885 Samajwadi Party 478
East Shillong MAZEL AMPAREEN LYNGDOH 10103 Indian National Congress B. M. LANONG 5019 United Democratic Party 5084
Gambegre SALENG A. SANGMA 7260 Independent BESTERFIELD N. SANGMA 3803 Indian National Congress 3457
Jirang LAMBOKLANG MYLLIEM 10336 North East Social Democratic Party BARNABAS NONGBAH 7840 Indian National Congress 2496
Jowai ROYTRE CHRISTOPHER LALOO 9496 Indian National Congress MOONLIGHT PARIAT 8817 Independent 679
Kharkutta CHERAK MOMIN 7733 Indian National Congress OMILLO K SANGMA 6046 National People's Party 1687
Khliehriat JUSTINE DKHAR 10807 Independent FINELYNES BAREH 9169 Independent 1638
Mahendraganj DIKKANCHI D. SHIRA 11580 Indian National Congress NIMARSON MOMIN 4721 United Democratic Party 6859
Mairang METBAH LYNGDOH 13726 United Democratic Party EUREKA F.P. LYNGDOH 12110 Indian National Congress 1616
Mawhati JULIAS KITBOK DORPHANG 8246 Independent DONBOK KHYMDEIT 7087 United Democratic Party 1159
Mawkynrew REMINGTON PYNGROPE 6513 United Democratic Party BANTEIDOR LYNGDOH 6076 Independent 437
Mawkyrwat ROWELL LYNGDOH 6024 Indian National Congress HADRIAN LYNGDOH 5050 Independent 974
Mawlai EMBHAHLANG SYIEMLIEH 14029 United Democratic Party FOUNDER STRONG CAJEE 8250 Indian National Congress 5779
Mawphlang KENNEDY CORNELIUS KHYRIEM 9212 Indian National Congress J. ANTONIUS LYNGDOH 5868 United Democratic Party 3344
Mawryngkneng DAVID A. NONGRUM 6200 Independent PYNEHBORLANG MUKHIM 5574 Indian National Congress 626
Mawshynrut WITTING MAWSOR 6778 Hill State People's Democratic Party METHODIUS DKHAR 4375 Indian National Congress 2403
Mawsynram PYNSHNGAINLANG SYIEM 6923 Indian National Congress KHRAW KUPAR JYRWA 6414 United Democratic Party 509
Mawthadraishan BROLDING NONGSIEJ 7786 United Democratic Party FENELLA LYNGDOH NONGLAIT 7362 Hill State People's Democratic Party 424
Mendipathar MARTHON SANGMA 5307 Nationalist Congress Party FRANKENSTEIN MOMIN 5296 Indian National Congress 11
Mowkaiaw ROBINUS SYNGKON 7064 Independent QUALLY SUIAM 6370 Indian National Congress 694
Mylliem RONNIE V. LYNGDOH 8072 Indian National Congress TEILINIA S. THANGKHIEW 6274 Independent 1798
Nartiang SNIAWBHALANG DHAR 18392 Indian National Congress HILARIUS DKHAR 9534 Independent 8858
Nongkrem ARDENT MILLER BASAIAWMOIT 8585 Hill State People's Democratic Party LAMBOR MALNGIANG 6595 Indian National Congress 1990
Nongpoh DR. D.D.LAPANG 10927 Indian National Congress RONA KHYMDEIT 7329 United Democratic Party 3598
Nongstoin HOPINGSTONE LYNGDOH 10931 Hill State People's Democratic Party ADVISER PARIONG 8475 Indian National Congress 2456
Nongthymmai JEMINO MAWTHOH 9347 United Democratic Party CHARLES PYNGROPE 8210 Indian National Congress 1137
North Shillong ROSHAN WARJRI 8445 Indian National Congress ADELBERT NONGRUM 6265 Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement 2180
North Tura NOVERFIELD R. MARAK 4713 Indian National Congress ROGER BENNY A. SANGMA 4148 Independent 565
Phulbari ABU TAHER MONDAL 4831 Indian National Congress MARK GOERA B MARAK 4332 Independent 499
Pynthorumkhrah A. L. HEK 10588 Indian National Congress PROCESS T. SAWKMIE 8637 Independent 1951
Pynursla PRESTONE TYNSONG 12251 Indian National Congress BANALARI KHONGWAR 8187 United Democratic Party 4064
Rajabala ASHAHEL D SHIRA 6572 Independent DR AZAD ZAMAN 5681 Independent 891
Raksamgre LIMISON D. SANGMA 5761 Indian National Congress EDMUND K SANGMA 4701 Independent 1060
Raliang COMINGONE YMBON 11272 Indian National Congress KONSTAN SUNGOH 7850 United Democratic Party 3422
Rambrai Jyrngam PHLASTINGWELL PANGNIANG 7625 Hill State People's Democratic Party KIMFA SIDNEY MARBANIANG 5756 Independent 1869
Rangsakona ZENITH M. SANGMA 11407 Indian National Congress SUBIR M. MARAK 5337 Independent 6070
Ranikor MARTIN M. DANGGO 9189 Indian National Congress PROBIN K. RASWAI 8734 United Democratic Party 455
Resubelpara SALSENG C. MARAK 9070 Indian National Congress TIMOTHY SHIRA 7741 National People's Party 1329
Rongara Siju ROPHUL S. MARAK 5458 Independent FRANCIS PONDIT R. SANGMA 4802 Indian National Congress 656
Rongjeng SENGNAM MARAK 6709 Indian National Congress SABINA D SANGMA 3923 Independent 2786
Salmanpara WINNERSON D. SANGMA 6824 Indian National Congress BOSTON MARAK 4935 National People's Party 1889
Selsella CLEMENT MARAK 12004 Indian National Congress CONRAD KONGKAL SANGMA 9897 National People's Party 2107
Shella DONKUPAR ROY 5940 United Democratic Party LESTON WANSWETT 5585 Independent 355
Sohiong H. DONKUPAR R. LYNGDOH 12353 Indian National Congress BRASTON KHARPHULI 9501 United Democratic Party 2852
Sohra TITOSSTARWELL CHYNE 8787 United Democratic Party DR.PHLOUR W. KHONGJEE 6621 Indian National Congress 2166
Songsak NIHIM D SHIRA 6697 National People's Party FARDINA C MARAK 4518 Independent 2179
South Shillong SANBOR SHULLAI 7179 Nationalist Congress Party MANAS CHAUDHURI 6034 Indian National Congress 1145
South Tura JOHN LESLEE K SANGMA 7137 Independent BILLYKID A. SANGMA 7119 Indian National Congress 18
Sutnga Saipung HOPEFUL BAMON 14205 Independent SHITLANG PALE 12743 Indian National Congress 1462
Tikrikila MICHAEL T. SANGMA 6995 Independent RAHINATH BARCHUNG 5293 Indian National Congress 1702
Umroi NGAITLANG DHAR 9489 Indian National Congress STANLYWISS RYMBAI 5351 Independent 4138
Umsning DR. CELESTINE LYNGDOH 6637 Indian National Congress DONKUPAR SUMER 4695 Independent 1942
West Shillong PAUL LYNGDOH 9333 United Democratic Party MOHENDRO RAPSANG 8852 Indian National Congress 481
William Nagar DEBORAH C MARAK 8402 Indian National Congress JONATHONE N SANGMA 5525 Independent 2877

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