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Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 2012 Updates, News, Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Election 2012 opinion poll, Exit Poll, Results, Himachal Pradesh Election Schedule, Himachal Pradesh Latest Political News

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The Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly election, 2012 was held in Himachal Pradesh, India in 2012 after the five-year term of the incumbent state legislature and government expired following the assembly elections of 2007. The election chose 68 MLAs to the Vidhan Sabha. The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 2017 will be held in late 2017, to elect the 68 members of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, as the term of current Legislative Assembly ends on 7 January 2018.

Himachal Pradesh Election Details 2017

Himachal Election 2017 Imp. Links
Himachal Election 2017 Dates
Himachal Congress/INC 2017 Candidate list
Himachal BJP 2017 Candidate list
Himachal 2017 Candidate list
HP Opinion Poll 2017
HP Election Result 2012 Constituency Wise
HP Election Result Party Wise 2012
Voter List Himachal Pradesh
HP Latest Caste/Religion

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