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Gujarat election opinion exit poll 2017 survey result, Gujarat ELECTION SURVEY RESULT, Who will win Gujarat polls 2017, exit poll, Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 Updates

Gujarat election Opinion exit poll 2017 Election Survey Result, Gujarat ELECTION SURVEY RESULT,  who will win in Gujarat polls 2017, exit poll, Gujarat Opinion Poll 2017, Gujarat Opinion poll result 2012, Gujarat assembly election expected win

Gujarat assembly election opinion poll 2017 has been released by a few Survey Agencies and News Channels. According to ITN BJP would get 51.8% vote share, INC 36.3%, Whereas VDP Associates has predicted BJP vote share at 47%, INC very close at 40%.

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Gujarat Assembly Election Opinion Poll by India Trending Now

This snap poll was conducted by Indiatrendingnow between 15 and 25 October 2016.

Political Party Vote Share
BJP 51.8%
INC 26.3%
AAP 9.9%
Others 2%
Undecided/Don’t Know yet 10%

According to it, BJP is projected to get 51.8% vote share, the Congress' 26.3% and the AAP just 9.9%.


Gujarat Assembly Election Opinion Poll by VDP Associates

VDP Associates conducted an opinion poll of 1100 respondents in 14 constituencies of Gujarat. Poll was conducted between July 28th to August 3rd 2016. 

Political Party Vote Share
BJP 47%
INC 40%
AAP 2%
Others 4%
Undecided/Don’t Know yet 7%

Gujarat Opinion Poll by RSS

RSS conducted an internal  ground level survey for over two weeks on the voters of Gujarat. Survey reports were disclosed on 3rd August 2016 and as per the prediction Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) will might win 60 to 65 seats.(if elections held today).

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Latest Exit Polls Suggest following figures:- 

Exit polls

Ahmedabad, 17 December 2012

News24 exit poll gives 129-151 seats for BJP.

C-Voter exit poll gives 119-128 seats for BJP.

ABP- Nielsen poll – 27 seats for BJP in South Gujarat, 6 seats for Congress and 1 seat for GPP. In Central Gujarat 15 seats for BJP, 22 for Congress out of total 40 seats while 3 for others.

Aaj Tak ORG exit poll suggests 36-38 seats for BJP out of total 48 seats in Saurashtra, 8-9 seats for Congress and 1-2 seats for GPP.

HT-ORG survey suggests 118-128 seats for BJP.

Source: Deshgujarat.com

Exit poll conducted by Today chanakya & NEWS 24 gujarat exit poll 17 december 2012

Best CM for Gujarat Narendra Modi 83% in exit poll

Shanker Singh Vaghela 9%

Shati Singh 4%


Earlier Opinion Poll

If we look at recent Parliamentary elections held in 2009, then BJP faired very well.  Out of 182 seat assembly it appears BJP might get somewhere around 106 seats which is nearly 58% of the total share, whereas INC may get 75 seats which is nearly 41% of the total. JD(U) is expected to win 1 seat which is hardly nearly 0.5% share.

So going clearly by statistics of parliamentary elections 2009 Results, the predictions for Assembly and party wise seats for Gujarat is as follows:-

Gujarat Opinion Poll 2012

According to Recent Parliamentary Elections held and the voting pattern observed following are the figures :-

           Party Name
No Of Seats Expected (Acc to 2009 Parliamentary Results)
JD (U)

According to latest ABP-Nielsen survey following are the stats

           Party Name


According to NDTV mid term Polls

           Party Name
NDTV Forecast


82% people voted Narendra Modi as " Best Chief Minister"

84% people voted ruling BJP party as doing " Best Governance"

83% people voted "YES" for Question "Should Narendra Modi be Prime Minister?"

Gujarat seems to want Narendra Modi back for a third term. Respondents give him a two-third majority for this year's Assembly elections. Not that they are at all averse to him being Prime Minister. With 120 seats, Modi is likely to win the election by a two-third majority.

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Tripura Polls

Which Party Will Win Elections in Tripura?

CPI(M) - 15%
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INC - 17.7%
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Total votes: 1708
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