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Chhattisgarh Election Result

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Kondagaon assembly election result 2017
YearAC_NoAssembly NameBJPINCOthersWinner Margin
Parliametary Election 201483 Kondagaon (ST)44.0542.8813.061.17
Assembly Election 201383 Kondagaon (ST)39.1543.2417.624.09
Parliament Election 200983 Kondagaon (ST)45.8145.858.340.04
Assembly 200883 Kondagaon (ST)42.1439.5218.342.61
Parliament 200483 Kondagaon (ST)0000
Assembly 200383 Kondagaon (ST)0000

Parliamentary Election 2014

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201410 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) DINESH KASHYAPBJP50300
201410 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) DEEPAK KARMA (BUNTY)INC48963
201410 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST)NOTA Votes Polled(Excld. Postal Votes):NOTA Votes4613
201410 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) BIMALA SORICPI3514
201410 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) SONI SORIAAAP2284

Assembly Election 2013

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201310 BASTAR (ST)83KondagaonMOHAN MARKAMINC54290
201310 BASTAR (ST)83KondagaonLATA USENDIBJP49155
201310 BASTAR (ST)83KondagaonNone of the AboveNOTA6773
201310 BASTAR (ST)83KondagaonAMALSAI SORICPI5229
201310 BASTAR (ST)83KondagaonSHANKAR SODIIND3711

Parliamentary Election 2009

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200910 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) AYTU RAM MANDAVIBSP4700
200910 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) BALIRAM KASHYAPBJP38128
200910 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) MANISH KUNJAMCPI4954
200910 BASTAR (ST)83 Kondagaon (ST) SHANKAR SODIINC31706

Assembly Election 2008

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200810 BASTAR (ST)83Kondagaon LATA USENDI BJP 44691
200810 BASTAR (ST)83Kondagaon MOHAN MARKAM INC 41920
200810 BASTAR (ST)83Kondagaon GHASIYARAM MARKAM BSP 6592
200810 BASTAR (ST)83Kondagaon SHANKAR SODI IND 4627
200810 BASTAR (ST)83Kondagaon KAMLU RAM KORRAM CGVP 2389

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