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Chhattisgarh Election Result

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Dondi Lohara assembly election result 2017
YearAC_NoAssembly NameBJPINCOthersWinner Margin
Parliametary Election 201460 Dondi lahara (ST)50.2338.4111.3611.81
Assembly Election 201360 Dondi lahara (ST)30.0142.8127.1812.8
Parliament Election 200960 Dondi lahara (ST)40.7148.8110.488.1
Assembly 200860 Dondi lahara (ST)0.929.9169.183.18
Parliament 200460 Dondi lahara (ST)41.635.9922.415.61
Assembly 200360 Dondi lahara (ST)40.6431.1828.199.46

Parliamentary Election 2014

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201411 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) FOOLODEVI NETAMINC67899
201411 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) VIKRAM USENDIBJP51930
201411 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST)NOTA Votes Polled(Excld. Postal Votes):NOTA Votes4361
201411 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) RAMESH GAWDECPI2704
201411 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) SANTOSH KUMAR DHRUWAAAP2230

Assembly Election 2013

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
201311 KANKER (ST)60Dondi laharaANILA BHENDIAINC66026
201311 KANKER (ST)60Dondi laharaHORILAL RAWATEBJP46291
201311 KANKER (ST)60Dondi laharaJANAK LAL THAKURCMM19577
201311 KANKER (ST)60Dondi laharaNone of the AboveNOTA6197
201311 KANKER (ST)60Dondi laharaANITA KUMETIIND4435

Parliamentary Election 2009

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200911 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) SMT. PHOOLO DEVI NETAMINC48023
200911 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) MIRA SALAMBSP1633
200911 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) SOHAN POTAIBJP40060
200911 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) JALSINGH SHORICSP908
200911 KANKER (ST)60 Dondi lahara (ST) N. R. BHUARYAGMS629

Assembly Election 2008

YearPc_NoPc_NameAC_NOAC_NAMECandidate NamePartyVote
200811 KANKER (ST)60Dondi Lohara NEELIMA SINGH TEKAM BJP 41534
200811 KANKER (ST)60Dondi Lohara ANITA KUMETI INC 37547
200811 KANKER (ST)60Dondi Lohara JANAK LAL THAKUR CMM 34255
200811 KANKER (ST)60Dondi Lohara MAHESH SEWATA IND 4200

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