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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 16:31

Constituency Profiling, Constituency Management Software

Political Consulting India, Political Survey India, Opinion Poll India, Exit Poll India For Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections .

Voter Relationship Management Services.

Our company, Leadtech, provides Voter Relationship Management (VRM), and currently has operations all over india. We have a varied clientbase consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Instead of promising a hypothetical winning formula we equip our clients with tools and services to manage their day to day activities and help them in thorough and meticulous preparation for elections. This approach enables them to get a crystal clear picture of their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be improved upon. 

Team: Our team consists of graduates and post-graduates from IIT Bombay for the software development, and analytical work, post-graduates and PhDs. to manage the political, social and economic research work, post graduates from leading colleges of MCA to manage the database collected from the field, and data collection is done by the the people graduated from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science. We have already served more than 1500 clients that include national Parties, individual candidates and small regional parties in all over India assembly , parliamentary and municipal corporation elections.

The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters: 

1. Developmental aspects: There are two key points where we focus our study on this heading

ü Assessment of satisfaction level of present MP/MLA and mapping of preferences of voters .

ü Finding local issues, grievances, and demands &  Comparison between present and previous govt.

2. Image of the Leaders.

ü About leader’s behavior and  Way of working

ü What kind of leader constituents want and admire and prefer

3. Image of the Parties.

ü Most active, promising party in the local area, state and center

ü Satisfaction of present party’s state govt. and central govt.

ü Party Preference for next election

ü Worst policy made by the previous govt .

4. Opinion Poll.

ü At present, public preference about all given candidates

ü Whom voter thinks best suitable candidate for their benefits

ü Who is most reliable candidate

ü Feedback about all the candidates will be managed booths wise

5. Important Issues.

ü Issue which does matter most for the villagers of each village

ü What kind of national issues matters for voters of your constituency

ü What is their opinion about the big issues like reservation, mandir-mastjid, Price hike of daily use commodities, unemployment etc.

6. Party Network.

ü Identification of influencial people of each and every major party at the booth level

ü Arranging the data base of party worker at block and vidhan sabha level.

ü Collecting Mobile number of the influential people of each and every village

7. Caste Equation

ü Approximate no of people of each and every caste at the booth level

ü Approximate no of people of different religion

ü Strategy suitable according to the social engineering

8. Overall Ranking and Satisfaction

ü Personal ranking in comparison to all other leader of the constituency

ü Satisfaction level from the leader’s contribution 

9. Due Delimitation there is major change in the demography of the constituency so we make adjustments of the booths and w’ll assess our position where we stand in new geographical location. 

Analysis: The raw data from the field is compiled and a detailed research to correlate various factors will be conducted with respect to past election results. A comprehensive SWOT analysis will be carried out and focus areas will be shortlisted to be taken up further. The data gathered will be managed in the Voter Information Management System (VIMS) software developed by Leadtech. This will enable the client to view the data collected through a user friendly graphical interface and come up with his own analysis and strategies.


Important points to be noted which can be done after this project:

Ø The data collected would be very precious during election

o To manage the rally and party workers meetings, we can call our party workers with the help of phone numbers collected during survey which would be in database management software called “Voter Information Management System” alias VIMS

o Campaign management would be very easy during crucial period of elections since every detail is well managed in the software.

o You can open a call center before 3 months of election to start the campaign (voter call center file attached here, explaining everything in detail).

Ø 80% data would be factual which can be used in any election

Ø The software would be installed in the party office so that it may solve various purposes to manage day to day business of the leader.

Ø We can also start E-CAMPAIGN as soon as possible with the help of emails, websites, blogs and SMSes to influence those who are opinion makers. 

In case of any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Vivek Singh Bagri


Leadtech Management Consulting P L, Gurgaon


Call Us to get a quote and Servies we can Offer

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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