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Door to Door Political Compaign and Survey Company India Opinion Poll Election Result 2017


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Door to Door Political Survey 2017

Our team will visit each and every household with the voter list to verify each name in the voter list. We will collect and provide following details of each household:{loadposition googlead}

  1. Opinion poll for party and candidate preference of each voter
  2. Identification of Issues and expectations
  3. Name of the existing voters & father’s/Husband’s
  4. Addition of the New voters to be added in the voter list
  5. Deletion/Omission of the non-existing voters (Dead/fake)
  6. Correction of names/Photo/Address/Father name
  7. Caste of each voter
  8. Mobile/Landline number of the Voters
  9. Address of the household
  10. Head of the family name and Phone no

Focus areas:

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-- Monitoring day to day movement and campaign activity for the client

-- Developing strategies for effective outcome

-- Planning and management of the whole campaign

-- Social media management and Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

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